What's Cool In Road Cycling

CASTELLI: Go Faster in Greater Comfort

Supplying clothing to the most successful cycling team in modern history is no mean feat, but we have brought years of experience into ensuring that Team Sky’s latest kit is ready to meet the demands of top-level pros as well as performance-focused cyclists.

The Team Sky riders often choose the Aero Race 6.0 Jersey or the Sanremo 4 Speed Suit for longer races, as about 75% of the air drag you face when cycling is caused by the body, it makes sense to ensure you’re as aero as can be.

This sixth revision of the Aero Race Jersey is more aerodynamic and better fitting than ever thanks to CFD analysis of wake flow while a cyclist is in the riding position helping to optimize fabric and seam placement. An improved fit ensures it is as comfortable for everyday use as it is on race day.

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