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Coffee Infused Cycling Wear!

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Australian cycling apparel brand OORR has just launched the ‘OORR Cafe’ range on Kickstarter – Pro level cycling apparel enhanced by the addition of coffee to the fabric.

Additionally, high performing fabric that’s race ready has been developed with ‘Frog Skin’ nanotechnology for their Cycling Bib shorts; some jersey designs enhance rider safety; every garment has a percentage of recycled materials; and OORR is pledging a percentage of profit to underprivileged children in South Africa.

Let’s hit the dot points:
· ‘Coffee infused’ cycling jerseys and activewear
· Bib shorts incorporating Frog Skin nanotechnology
· Research based design, enhancing rider safety (Fashionable alternative to ugly high-vis)
· 30-76% recycled materials used across the range
· Vision to create industry wide demand for use of more sustainable materials
· B Corporation – living up to its charter of being the change it wishes to see
· Commitment to South African children’s charity Velokhaya

OORR stands for ‘Out Of the Rat Race’, and our motto is ‘Performance Wear for the Planet’


Why Coffee?
Creating coffee infused cycling and athletic wear unashamedly taps into the strong coffee culture steeped in the industry for the last decade or more. Polyester yarn is infused with coffee in a patented process, then blended with recycled polyester (from PET bottles) during fabric knitting, boosting the eco cred of the garments.

Coffee enhances the fabric by improving moisture management and sun protection – and because it’s coffee, it’s highly effective at controlling odour. Just ask an airport sniffer dog! Thanks to the coffee, worrying about your whiff at the cafe afterwards is no longer an issue.

Known as ‘OORR Cafe’ this coffee infused fabric dries up to 50% faster than its competitors’ jerseys, has 250% greater odour resistance and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

The ‘OORR Cafe’ fabric is used in cycling jerseys, caps and activewear.


So… what’s ‘Frog Skin’ Nanotechnology?
Scientists found that a healthy frog living in filthy conditions secreted peptides that actively and instantly killed bacteria, keeping it safe. They mimicked the microbes, creating a nano-particle to do the same thing. Originally intended for use in the medical industry, it claims a kill rate of 99.99% of harmful bacteria and microbes – far superior to the more commonly used silver ion nanotechnology, and permanent.

OORR incorporates these nanoparticles in their bib shorts, labelling the fabric ‘frog skin’. The biggest benefit here is odour control – increasing wear life well beyond the normal ‘stink up’ zone. Thanks to the clever use of recycled post industrial nylon, bearing a surprisingly soft skin feel and superior abrasion resistance to polyester, the bibshorts are extremely comfortable, built to last, permanently odour free and eco friendly.


A safer ride
One step beyond all the technology inside the fabric and painstaking commitment to fit and feel, is the clever use of colour and shape on the Pro Cycling Jerseys. Drawing inspiration from warning and caution patterns on guarded switches within an aircraft flight deck, founder Tim Christian (an experienced airline pilot of 17 years) created 3 headline designs specifically aimed at triggering a caution response from passing drivers. Research has proven that contrasting diagonal lines are learned markers for ‘danger’ or ‘caution’. Incorporating them onto OORR’s jerseys makes the wearer more visible to approaching drivers and subconsciously triggers caution. Known as ‘Panache’, ‘BOORRdroom’ and ‘Dazzle’ the eye-catching designs cleverly deliver on the concept while maintaining a high end feel.

How does OORR know it works?
OORR’s products are tested by a large, dedicated team that includes World Tour Pro Cyclist Loren Rowney. Rowney’s input, along with multiple other OORR ambassadors, has been vital to creating a world class product. This elite group of riders, runners and triathletes go hard, and have shared their experience and advice through multiple stages of development, refining OORR’s products to exceed their strenuous demands.

OORRsomely Unique
From yarn selection and fabric construction through to custom Italian chamois and elastic, OORR controls every aspect of design and production. Even the zips are a special order from YKK Japan, taking advantage of their eco friendly ‘Natulon’ range, and guaranteeing precision. Unlike many new boutique brands, nothing created by OORR is merely a catchy print on something off the rack.


A Green Vision
Philosophically committed to greener production, OORR uses between 30-76% recycled content in all of its apparel, though you wouldn’t know it. The ultimate goal being to educate consumers about the huge potential for fashion to reduce global carbon emissions and waste by using recycled materials in production. Founder Tim Christian distils his vision by playfully turning the tables on consumerism “Fast fashion is devastating for our environment – we like to think of this as a little retail therapy for the planet”.

Each OORR cycling jersey contains approximately five recycled plastic bottles, saving them ending up in landfill or the ocean.

Tim is excited to present his latest product range. “The most common perception is that any fabric made with recycled materials is inferior in some way,” he said. “We can prove the opposite to be true. I’ve proven it to myself – now my goal is to prove it to you. The idea behind the brand is to create something OORRsome for people to aspire to, and be proud of wearing.”

Commitment to Charity
In addition to features that make OORR’s products functional, fashionable and environmentally conscious, OORR is also dedicated to the African cycling charity Velokhaya. It donates a portion of its profits to the organisation and is preparing to contribute dozens of cycling ensembles to this inspiring cause. The first AUD$85K raised through kickstarter triggers a significant donation –dozens of cycling ensembles to kit out the Velokhaya racing team. Following that, each US$85K thereafter a much needed bike for the athletes, or something of equivalent value will be donated.


Kickstarter launch
From the Tour de France to your local crit race, OORR is changing the way we ride and workout. One can only imagine the positive effect it would have on the sports industry if it were to take off. Like Chris Froome’s relentless training regime, OORR strives to leave no stone unturned in its quest to create the perfect cycling ensemble that is performance orientated, stylish, and eco friendly.

Due to the strong latent connection between coffee and sport, Tim has elected to add a small selection of athletic apparel to the collection, in anticipation of strong interest around the Kickstarter campaign from non-cyclists.

OORR’s Kickstarter campaign is Currently Live! Tim invites supporters to ‘Wear a purpose and not just a Brand’ and pledge to help him meet the minimum quantities required for production beyond prototyping. Early backers receive great savings on cycling kit and activewear that is highly functional, fashionable, and achieves far more than just profit.
It can be shipped all over the world including (but not limited to) the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

More information on OORR cycling apparel HERE.


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