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coffeeRoots partnership with Team Katusha

Team Katusha is happy to announce a partnership with coffeeRoots, a Belgian coffee and tea company. coffeeRoots is a coffee roaster that serves the retail sector, catering and supermarket branches worldwide from its home base in Antwerp, Belgium. Established more than 100 years ago in 1914 out of the love for ‘black gold’, this family business has developed into the coffee roaster with the most extensive range in the world.

As more than 90 percent of cyclists are coffee drinkers, the team welcomed the partnership with a lot of enthusiasm. A special blend has been developed for Katusha Team.

“Yes, we’ve developed a special blend for the Team,” explained CEO and Company owner Chantal Hoorens. “We made a well-balanced arabica mixture. We know that the riders are a demanding but also critical public with special needs. This is a welcome addition to our company philosophy. We work worldwide, and under the name ‘Cantate,’ we have more than 230 coffee shops and more than 120 tea shops in Russia so we have a special relationship with this team. The fact that we’ve already won two WorldTour races so early in the season convinces us of our choice to partner with this team. Moreover, we also hope that our coffee popularity in the Russian Federation will enforce the popularity of cycling over there.”

Team Manager Viatcheslav Ekimov agreed and reiterated the importance of coffee for riders: “It is not about the caffeine. On the contrary, coffeeRoots has just prepared a less caffeinated blend, but coffee and coffee drinking is a social happening. In the team we experience this every day. In the team bus everything is concentrated around the coffee machine. It is the most active part of the bus. We are happy to have joined coffeeRoots. This looks to be a long-term marriage. And we are proud of the special Katusha blend.”

Over the years, coffeeRoots has developed from a local business into an international player. From China to the United States and from Europe to Russia, coffeeRoots operates worldwide. coffeeRoots doesn’t only have a unique range of coffee beans in stock – the company is constantly always able to anticipate changing market conditions, as well.


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