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Cold and Winter? No Problem with SIDI…

Discover all the Sidi products that are perfect for riding, even in the coldest season.

Riding never stops, not even when winter comes. There are those who ride for necessity, like the champions from the Sidi team, and those who simply want to follow their bliss, like so many enthusiasts throughout the world. Now when it comes to pedalling there are no limits.

For cyclists, one of their worst enemies is the cold; it is even worse than fatigue. In winter there is a need to efficiently protect the different parts of the body from cold weather conditions. However, at the same time, riders cannot bundle up in clothes that are too heavy. In order to achieve efficient performance, we need to try and maintain freedom of movement while keeping muscles and extremes warm for as long as possible.

In both road cycling as well as mountain bike riding, the tendency is to ride all year long using the same shoe. Now the Sidi collection is also offering a shoe that is specifically designed to protect the foot from extremely low temperatures as well as water infiltration. We are talking about the “Zero Gore” model, and its off-road cousin, the “MTB Frost Gore”. These shoes feature a Gore-Tex® lining and offer a series of specific details and options so you can pedal even in the most extreme cold temperatures.

For riders who use all the other models in the Sidi collection, you can choose from a wide range of shoe covers. There are models that are perfect against the cold, like the “Thermocover” and the “Tunnel Winter Covershoes” (photo1) with impressive thermal properties; then there are those models that are perfect in the rain, like the “Diluvio Shoe Cover” (photo2) and the “Nano Rain Shoe Cover” (photo3), which will keep feet dry, not to mention the always efficient “Socks Covershoes” (photo4) and the innovative “Toe Covers” (photo5), which are light and compact yet remarkably effective against cold wind.

When it comes to protecting feet from the cold, it is important to choose the right sock. Here, too, Sidi offers various solutions. In winter the perfect model is definitely the “Warm Sock in Thermolite”: it’s warm, antiperspirant and incredibly comfortable.

Even though Sidi is a brand specialized in footwear, they also offer a collection of clothing and accessories produced in association with the experience and professional know how of the Castelli brand. Those who love to ride with Sidi can choose the “Dino Tre Winter Jacket” to match with the exclusive “Dino Tre Bibtight”; you can also complete the total look of your Sidi winter kit perfectly with the “Dino Tre Winter Gloves” and with the arm warmers and leg warmers. All these items and the accessories that make up the “Sidi Plus” line have been designed and developed specifically to offer the best performance and create a perfect match with Sidi footwear.

All of these products are also great ideas for useful and thoughtful gifts; they are the perfect present to put under the tree for any rider on your Christmas list…

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