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CVR World Cup Training Offers Hunter Allen Program for $79

With CVR World Cup Training, you can get fitter and faster, make new friends, and even qualify to win thousands of dollars. This 8-week tailored training, with Hunter Allen and Peaks Coaching, is designed to help you boost your energy, improve FTP, increase strength, and extend endurance. And it can also help you, or a loved one, qualify to win thousands of dollars! Makes a great gift for yourself, or any serious cyclist at only $79. To learn more, click here.

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CVR World Cup Training

CVR World Cup Training Includes:
• The training plans run for 8 weeks and are administered by live
coaches who lead rides and answer your questions
• Over $100,000 in prizes for the CVR World Cup Winter 2018 Season
• CVR World Cup training races (optional)
• Workouts for Zwift or any fit file device (Garmin, etc)
More information at: cvrworldcup.com

Hunter Allen describes the CVR World Cup Training Challenge

To get started CLICK HERE.


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