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CycleOps VirtualTraining Video Contest Record. Upload. Win.

Ride your favorite routes year round.
Riders committed to an incredible indoor cycling experience have helped transform the CycleOps VirtualTraining software into the unique platform it is today. By submitting their favorite local routes they have generated the most comprehensive list of indoor training rides from around the world. From the middle of Iowa to the top of the French Alps, route creators let cyclists ride where they want, when they want.


Now’s your chance to be part of this club.

From June 1st through August 31st, CycleOps will be accepting video recorded bike routes and matching GPS data. With that data they will create a virtual ride that can be accessed year round through the CycleOps VirtualTraining software.

As an added bonus, CycleOps will also be awarding prizes throughout the contest period to reward users who submit the best routes. Prizes include but are not limited to, gift cards towards the purchase of any Saris, CycleOps or Power-tap products, free subscriptions for CycleOps VirtualTraining, hiking backpack and swimmers kit. Full details on prizes and rewards can be found at www.cycleops.com/page/cvt-video-contest.

Clear and steady video (best if mounted to car or scooter)
Matching GPS data (taken with cycling computer, phone, some action cameras) Minimum route length of 10km/6.214 miles
Video quality 720p or better, 30 frames per second.



About CycleOps
CycleOps is a cycling company committed to giving their customers the edge. Whether their customers are training or racing, CycleOps has everything cyclists need to train and warm up appropriately. The CycleOps product line includes various cycle trainers, indoor cycles, VirtualTraining software, cadence and speed sensors and all the accessories to put them to work. Learn more at cycleops.com

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