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Beginning November,2013 we will send out monthly newsletters with information and updates about our software and new happenings within the VirtualTraining community. We would like to hear from you with suggestions and ideas about our VirtualTraining software. You can share your ideas and suggestions with fellow VirtualTraining users through our Facebook, Twitter pages or visit our technical support pages.

Competition! Document your training or write about us until December 15, 2013, and you can win very interesting prizes. More information here.

Free ride and support of more trainers
Shortly, we have released the update to VirtualTraining for the iPad version. You will now be able to use the VirtualTraining iPad and Android Apps for free. Use the “FREE RIDE” function to train smarter indoors, watch movies, and control your training. All workouts are uploaded into VirtualTraining portal so you can analyze your data and share data on any of the social mapping sites like Strava and MapMyRide. More about update here.


We introduce latest certificated virtual routes
We are working on sending you the most popular and beautiful routes found on VirtualTraining. Below are the latest VirtualTraining certified routes. We recommend you try these new routes. You can download these routes on the Desktop or tablet apps. Latest certificated virtual routes here.


Try indoor training with Android
The Android version of VirtualTraining was released a couple weeks ago. You can download the android app from GooglePlay. More information, about compatibility … you can find here.


Coming soon!
Soon you will be able to train together from all over the world! Up to end of November 2013, we will release the Online racing for desktop version. VirtualTrainng Cup – the winter competition will be available in December 2013. So train hard, be ready:-) More coming news here.


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