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Reasons To Take Up Cycling

Nowadays, there are so many sports available, but how do you choose a sport that suits you? In this article, I will describe cycling and tell you more about it. Cycling is gaining popularity as one of the most common leisure sports. The majority of the population leads a sedentary lifestyle because they are busy working in offices, and the availability of cars as a means of transport has discouraged people from travelling on foot. This circumstance seriously worsens the physical and moral condition of people, because the lack of physical culture in human life significantly reduces the defence forces of the body and its vitality.

In addition to improving health and increasing physical endurance, bicycle rides will serve as an excellent variety of leisure and distract from the grey, humdrum everyday life. For bicycle rides, you can gather friends or go to nature with the whole family.  For very young children the bicycle industry has provided specially attached bicycle seats, and the opportunity to visit those places where it is impossible to reach by car or on foot. Just as cycling offers a unique way to explore inaccessible places, the website Stay casino Review provides an unparalleled platform for online gaming enthusiasts looking for excitement and entertainment, offering a diverse range of games and experiences.


I want to put cycling in the first place, as it is closer to me than anything else. There are several types of this sport – someone is fond of road bikes, someone rides on special tracks for speed, and someone rides in specially prepared parks on trick bikes.

For all these categories you need a bike as light as possible, and the lighter it is, the better. But if you take bmx, then in addition to its lightness, it should also be durable, and withstand heavy loads.

Bmx has its roots in America. It all started back in the 70s, with teenagers trying to imitate their motocross idols.  In 2008, Bicycle Motocross (bmx) made its first appearance at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Nowadays, there are many bloggers who film their riding, new tricks, and adventures with their chrome molybdenum friend, thus promoting their audience.

Despite the simplicity of bmx, it is one of the most traumatic sports.  It is enough to fall wrongly, and you can cripple yourself for the rest of your life.   An example of this is the famous cycling blogger Misha Ogorodnik.   But despite the recommendations of doctors, he continues to please his audience and progress in cycling.


Many people think that this sport can be taken up at any time, and quietly progress.  I will say that it is not so. I started riding about two or three years ago, but learned tricks only in November 2019.  I will say that it is not easy, and it would be easier to sit on the couch and watch TV series, but you need to progress, especially if you like it.  If you, or your child is 10-13 years old, and you are thinking about bmx, I recommend not to delay).


There are several styles of BMX riding.  Dirt/pump-special tracks made of earth or dry clay for long and high jumps.  Street- street skating, tricks here are done without a prepared place, in other words improvisation.  Park – parks have all the conditions for riding: edges, departures, degrees, etc.

Reasons to Get Into Cycling

Cycling is not only an efficient way to get around, but also a popular sport. Most importantly, it’s one where every workout will be a pleasure and will benefit your health. Together with Anastasia Chulkova, world cycling champion, we find out why you should incorporate cycling into your life.

Get fit and improve your health

Cycling exercise has a positive effect on your general physical condition and increases your stamina. With regular exercise, you can work your legs, buttocks, abs, lower back and arms. Cycling is also a great way to lose weight.

If you select the right gear and watch the pace, you get the exercise you need to burn calories without injuring your joints. Unlike, for example, running, where they are subjected to a strong impact load.

Form new neural connections

Cycling is a difficult sport to coordinate. For example, it is natural for humans to walk and run, but cycling requires a different effort. Therefore, this sport forms new neural connections in the brain, contributing to its development. It can even be called a means for rejuvenation.

Relieve Emotional Stress

Due to the fact that on a bicycle you need not only to coordinate your movements, but also to keep an eye on the road, concentration of attention is switched, bad or unnecessary thoughts go away. I always notice that after cycling training I always feel lighter, and my mood rises.

Gain self-confidence

When cycling training becomes regular, a person may have competitive ambitions. There is a desire to participate in amateur races and show what you can do. When you win or set a personal best, your self-esteem rises.

If a cycling race goes worse than the athlete expected, you can work on your mistakes: this is when personal and sporting growth takes place. And I’m sure that cycling boosts your overall confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Make new acquaintances

A group of people who are passionate about cycling often gather at amateur races. It’s a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and broaden your horizons. I recently took part in an amateur LaStrada race myself. It was great to feel a part of the race and to ride in a strong group where the level of athletes is above average both physically and technically. It’s great to see so many people doing more than amateur cycling and striving for excellence.

How a beginner can get started in cycling

When it comes to low-impact cardio exercise, cycling is one of the best options. You can modify your bike to fit any level of fitness or experience.

If one is new to the world of cycling, one should start small. The goal should be to build a solid foundation of fitness and confidence on one’s bike.

One should choose 2 or 3 two times during the week to workout and put them on their calendar. It is important to stick to the schedule.

The good news is that one does not have to cycle for hours to get a positive effect. As long as a person rides for about 30 minutes at least 5 times a week, they are on their way to better fitness. Increasing the distance is the best way to improve one’s cardiovascular health. Biking for beginners can be as simple as:

  1. Start with a warm-up to get your heart rate going. 5 minutes of easy cycling will make you feel energized and ready to exercise.
  2. Once the athlete has warmed up, their main session should consist of a moderate fast ride of 8 to 16 kilometres, depending on fitness. At the beginning of the training session, more emphasis should be placed on consistent distance rather than intense speed.
  3. After the main training session, you can relax by riding another 2 to 4 kilometres at a very relaxed pace.
  4. It can be helpful to track the distance using a smartphone so that the person can track their progress. Reaching new milestones each week is a great motivator. In the beginning, there is no need to worry about how fast one needs to go – the time spent on the bike is more important.

It is important to realise that before any exercise, especially for people who have never done it before or have health problems, you should always consult your family or GP.


The text provides an overview of cycling as a sport and recreational activity, emphasizing its benefits and versatility. Cycling, presented as an antidote to sedentary lifestyles, offers significant health improvements, including increased physical endurance, and serves as a dynamic form of leisure that can involve friends or family in exploring nature and inaccessible places. From BMX to the variety of styles like road cycling, track, and trick biking, cycling caters to all ages and interests, promoting physical health, mental rejuvenation, emotional stress relief, self-confidence, and social connections. Moreover, it’s accessible to beginners, with the potential for progression in fitness and skill. In conclusion, cycling stands out as a multifaceted activity that not only enhances physical fitness and offers a joyful escape from daily routines but also fosters community, challenges the individual, and enriches life with new experiences and achievements. Whether for transportation, sport, or pleasure, cycling embodies a holistic approach to well-being, making it a highly recommended pursuit for anyone looking to improve their quality of life.



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