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Dare Bikes To Enter US Market

Dare Bikes, a brand with an extensive background in OEM production is preparing to enter the US market with consumer direct sales.

Dare founded in 2011, use their experience in manufacturing to develop a unique bike line built using state of the art materials and manufacturing, fully tested and globally supported.


Dare has worked closely with Toray to develop a Multi-ply Synthetic Hot-Melted Carbon Fiber Resin (HS-HMC prepreg), which is a new kind of prepreg carbon fiber that has an extremely low FAW (Fiber Areal Weight) (g/m2). The DARE HS-HMC multi-ply sheet is 10g lighter than the traditional sheet even though it’s composed by 9 layers carbon fiber, 4 layers more than the traditional sheet.

Extensively tested, DARE uses the current EN or ISO testing standards and tests all products to 20% beyond these standards.

In 2016 Dare sponsoring the UCI Continental Europe Team, Dare Bikes Gobik Murcia.

More information can be found at Dare-bikes.com


We know how to develop a nearly perfect bike, and we DARE to do just that.

DARE Bikes was founded in 2011 by bicycle enthusiasts with many years of cycling experience and superior knowledge of bicycle design and technology. We have put our expertise to use in creating a cycling brand that is able to develop a nearly perfect bike.

With a decade of experience, we know that producing a premium bicycle requires using premium carbon fiber materials, both inside and outside of the frame, to enhance a rider’s performance. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching and testing cutting-edge technologies of carbon fiber production, and we utilize these technologies to produce a frame that is both fast and comfortable.

We believe that ‘Practice makes perfect’. A perfect bicycle is created by designing a frame to meet and exceed exacting standards for materials, fabrication and painting. Each step in the process must meet these standards before getting the stamp of approval.

Dare to dare!
Using our skills in production, we dare to be the pioneer of new technologies to challenge the impossible. We expect that every new product we develop can be made better than ever before. We want to spread our vision throughout the world, to inspire people that they can be better than ever.

1. DARE to be different.
Encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, challenging their abilities and inspiring them to improve themselves.
Dare to have fun with DARE.

2. Close to nature
Cycling is an activity that brings people closer to nature and we strive to protect the natural environment through our manufacturing activities.

3. Willing to share
We dare to share our knowledge experience with the public because we know that we will continue to be a leader in the market. We believe that customers will be proud to show off their bikes because they believe that DARE is a trusted and excellent brand.

1. Extensive experience
We are proud to have a strong carbon bike OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) background for many well-known bike brands including: Lapierre, Norco, and Haibike.

2. Premium materials
DARE Bikes are made from 100% Toray carbon fiber. All frames are fabricated using high tensile and high modulus carbon fiber, which is used in the aerospace industry because of its incredible stiffness to weight ratio.

3. Color customization service
DARE does not only offer riders a selection of suitable sizes for a proper fit, but we also offer a color customization service that delivers a personalized frame in just 30 days. Additionally, we can customize the carbon handlebars and seat post to match the frame. It is a unique service that no other brand currently offers.

4. Boldly attempt, carefully verify
We constantly invest in the latest technologies and in the development of our new products because we care about the rider. We emphasize the importance of the details when designing new products.

More information can be found at Dare-bikes.com

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