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Dom, Moonen and Van der Meulen Join in 2017

Three women will join the Lotto Soudal Ladies team next year. The Belgians Annelies Dom (30) and Kaat Van der Meulen (21) make the transfer from the Lensworld – Zannata team. The Dutch rider Puck Moonen (20) is now riding for Autoglas Wetteren. They all signed a contract for one season.

Annelies Dom: “There are several reasons why I chose to join Lotto Soudal. First of all this team is already part of the women’s peloton for many years. It’s great to see how Dany Schoonbaert successfully led this team during all those years. In the past, talented riders could set the last decisive step in their development by riding for this team. Just think of Jolien D’hoore or Lotte Kopecky this season. Lotto Soudal gives riders the chance to complete themselves. Another reason to choose for this team is the fact that Lotte Kopecky rides for this team. She really has the capacities to become a very good rider and I think it’s wonderful to help another Belgian reach the highest level. Lotte deserves the trust of the riders around her and she is always grateful. Kaat Van der Meulen, my teammate of the past two years, will also join Lotto Soudal and that’s also an extra reason to ride for this team. Also she invests a lot in her career and is talented. I hope she can further develop herself in this team and I will gladly help her.”

“After a bet with Kaat I started riding on the track as of this year. Together with her and Lotte I ride the team pursuit. I notice that event suits me and I definitely want to continue with it. It’s great that the three of us are now riding in the same team. That will definitely be useful, it will create more confidence. At Lotto Soudal I get the chance to keep riding on the track. On the road I like to ride in the wind. I am not slow when I reach the finish with a small group and I love the spring races with short hills and cobbles.”

Puck Moonen: “The first contacts I had with this team immediately felt right. I felt really comfortable talking to Liesbet De Vocht for example. I can learn a lot from here, I’m sure. I’m at the start of my cycling career and it’s my goal to set a new step next year. I want to do my work for the team. I also want to further discover my own strengths. I like time trialling and in the future I definitely want to focus on that. I love to suffer. It’s a short effort during which you fight with yourself. I also like pulling at the head of the bunch, that way I will also contribute to the team. I like stage races as well, because I notice I get better as the race continues.”

“During the winter I also ride some cyclo-crosses. The road season is more important, but I like to combine it with cyclo-cross. It also comes in handy for riding on the road. It helps to better steer the bike and it’s good as interval training. At the moment I’m also combining cycling with studying. I’m in my first Bachelor rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy. Also that’s an advantage, because I will definitely learn useful exercises.”

Kaat Van der Meulen: “I chose to join Lotto Soudal because I can combine the track and road at this team. On the track I mainly ride the team pursuit, scratch and points race. Annelies Dom and Lotte Kopecky are also part of the team pursuit squad and it’s nice to be riding in the same road team all year long. I want to keep riding on the track the next years. The performance of Jolien D’hoore in Rio makes me dream of the Olympics.”

“Sprinting is my strong point on the road. Riding on the track can only improve my sprint skills and make me stronger. A course doesn’t need to be completely flat for me, it can be a bit hilly. I love riding on gravel. I need variation. In 2017 I hope to become stronger by working towards goals together with the whole team. It would be great to win a race myself, but I will definitely help my teammates as well. It’s fun that Annelies Dom joins the same team, we complete each other.”


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