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Drapac Professional Cycling partner with SKINS

Drapac Professional Cycling will partner with SKINS, world leader in compression garment clothing.

The Australian-based Professional Continental team will wear SKINS’ RY400, A400 and thermal gradient and dynamic gradient compression products during recovery – whether it be after racing or training.


Drapac Professional Cycling and SKINS share the philosophy of being driven to win, but not at any cost. Together, Drapac Professional Cycling and SKINS will continue to celebrate the true spirit of competition. In fact, it was the speech of Team Principal Michael Drapac at the team’s launch in Adelaide last January which gave rise to the new deal.

“I think we’ve lost our way a little bit in the sense that the objective of sport is supposed to be subordinate to the objective of good citizenship, but it’s actually gone the other way around,” explained Drapac. “I think the objective of good citizenship have been made subordinate to sport in many ways. But the wheels of change have come…”

In announcing the partnership with Drapac Professional Cycling, Jaimie Fuller, Chairman of SKINS said that:

“The principles and values of Drapac Professional Cycling are shared by SKINS in its mantra celebrating the true spirit of fierce competition. The riders that share those principles ought to be lauded and congratulated.”

Drapac Professional Cycling General Manager, Jonathan Breekveldt welcomes SKINS.

“The team venerates and continues to search for partnerships whereby our values and objectives within the sport of cycling align, and SKINS does just that,” he said.

“We’re very excited to have SKINS come on board and Drapac Professional Cycling looks forward to a productive and innovative relationship.”

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