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Elite Unveils New Direct Drive Home Trainer – the Direto

Italian bike trainer manufacturer, Elite, announces a new addition to their interactive direct drive trainer line: the Direto. The Direto, expected to be available to consumers in September 2017, boasts a +/- 2.5% power accurate at a lower price point ($899), delivering one of the most accurate power meters at sub-$1000.

With its first public appearance in the TT warm up by FDJ Pro Cycling Team at Stage 1 of this year’s Tour de France, the interactive Direto is set at an affordable price point of MSRP $899.99, and is compatible with both quick release and a 142x thru-axle. It utilizes the certified accuracy of the power readings of Lorenz machines, a German company that has created an industrial torque and power meter reader. Every Direto Elite will ship is tested with their Lorenz machines (certified accuracy of +/- 0.05%) and will include a QC testing/approval identity card with all the data collected during the QC procedure. This allows Elite to be quick and effective for any eventual servicing the trainer should require. For 2017, Elite invested in an additional seven Lorzen machines, to bring the total to ten, to ensure every interactive trainer will now go through this QC testing procedure. This will now include the Drivo, Direto, Rampa, and Arion Digital.

Additionally, the Direto includes an integrated OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) power meter, which measures power with +/- 2.5% accuracy. With many trainers in the $1000 price range, max slope is typically 8-10%. Direto gives a max slope simulation of up to 14%, with a 1400W power output at 40km/h. Direto’s pedaling analysis option (available as an in-app purchase) measures power during the whole pedaling movement and sets 12 points that determine how much effort a user puts through their legs, allowing them to optimize your training session. Direto will also allow for control via both ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart. Elite’s the first company to integrate this into their trainers. TrainerRoad has confirmed they’ll soon support the new standard, as has Zwift and The Sufferfest.

Direto combines all the advantages of a professional instrument in an easy and intuitive package that can be used by anyone. The consistent and accurate training metrics it produces are key to satisfying the needs of those that want high quality data to guide their training sessions, all at a low price point of $899.99.

MSRP: $899.99 USD

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