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Online campaign developed to create harmony and generate awareness on the road

ENDEVR, creators of the MyID medical bracelet and other health and wellness products, has launched their Dear Motorist campaign promoting cycling safety and driver awareness. The innovative brand has partnered with various sponsors, including Bell Helmets, Camelbak, and Shimano, amongst others, to help educate and create a more positive relationship amongst drivers and cyclists on the road. The initiative has been brought to life in a touching short film, which will be used to further highlight their efforts online and through social media.

Dear Motorist invites cyclists and motorists alike, to go to the dedicated landing page at dearmotorist.com, and share their experiences, by either: taking a pledge or writing a letter to be more aware of their surroundings on the road. The campaign also offers those who may have lost a loved one to a road accident the opportunity to share their story, leading up to the global event, Bike Week, starting on May 1, 2014.

MyID, the cloud-based medical ID bracelet, was created by ENDEVR as a potentially life-saving tool. The bracelet stores vital information to quickly assist first responders and medical professionals when they need to act fast. This can be through the instantly recognizable QR code, 24/7 direct line or online. Emergency Medical Staff are trained to look for the star of life Information includes: full name, date of birth, blood type, organ donor and any other medical information.

ENDEVR, VP of Marketing and co-creator of MyID, Josh Taylor, says, “We want to spread the message that as cyclists and motorists we can all do a little bit better; Because, I am more than just some guy or girl on a bike. I am a person with a family and friends who love and need me. And, a few careless seconds can change both of our lives forever. Our video really hones in on people who have been directly affected by such circumstances.”

“Our love of cycling and the outdoors inspires us to make it safer for everyone and inspire more people to try it. We want to reach a critical mass of cyclists and motorists that really want to make the roads safer for each other. If this message can save just one cyclist or motorist this year, think about the difference it will make for their family, friends and loved ones. Our goal is for people to walk away with a positive feeling of hope that together we can make a difference.”

Drawing on personal experience, Taylor came up with the idea when he was almost hit by a car whilst running and spends a lot of time training alone, especially on long distance trail runs and mountain biking. He said, “I live an extremely active lifestyle and I realized that some of my training friends don’t even have my wife’s contact details. I know that when I am on my motorbike or cycling, it’s more a matter of “when I get hit” not “if”. The bracelet is there as a companion, giving me peace of mind whether I’m out mountain climbing or surfing.”

In the last ten years nearly 7,000 cyclists (U.S Department of Transportation) have lost their lives in cycling-motorist accidents. Brandon Lyons, a Tucson, Arizona, firefighter and cycling-motorist accident survivor and founder of Look! Save a Life ArizonaLook! Save a Life Arizona knows too well the perils of the road. As a Dear Motorist advocate, his message is clear, “It is neither a cyclist nor a motorist issue. Our mission at Look! Save a Life is to foster an environment of safety for both cyclists and motorists through greater education, awareness and having an active part in the community.”

“From first-hand experience as a Firefighter, I fully grasp the vital importance of individuals who carry identification or a medic alert bracelet. Carrying identification has proven to be paramount if ever found in a situation to be incapacitated or unconscious. Please be certain that you are carrying some sort of medical identification band, especially if you have any history of a medical condition is imperative. I am forever grateful that I was wearing a medical identification bracelet as the first-responders were able to notify my loved ones due to the severity of my condition.”

To learn more about ENDEVRTM, visit www.ENDEVR.com.


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