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Endura Custom Range Goes World Tour

Scottish clothing brand Endura have been producing custom cycle clothing for clubs and teams all over the UK since the company started back in 1993. 20 years later the announcement that Endura would become the clothing supplier to Movistar Team – ranked number 1 in the WorldTour 2013 – was an extremely proud moment for the brand and was the culmination of an intensive 3 year product development program that has seen Endura make remarkable advances in race clothing design and production technology.

With 22 wins for Movistar Team so far this season, including the fantastic overall victory at the Giro d’Italia for Nairo Quintana and with Team NetApp-Endura also regularly hitting the podium, Endura clad riders are conspicuous in the World Tour scene.

We are delighted to announce that the very same kit that Movistar Team and Team NetApp-Endura wear in the World Tour is now available in our custom clothing offering under the new “WT Range.” WT items are made on the same production lines and to precisely the same specification as the kit for the pro riders; nothing has been detuned. Discerning club riders searching for exceptional performance and quality need only decide on printed graphics for their WT range clothing to then enjoy the same standards as the top race team in the world.

Specifications are uncompromising and too long to list here. The production process in Endura’s new facility in Scotland begins with high end Italian fabrics being formed into ergonomic panels by computer controlled, high precision cutting machine before being digitally printed. Laser cutting and bonding is then used on certain pieces where necessary. Even the silicone leg grippers on the bibshorts are directly applied by robot to improve accuracy and allow use of liquid silicone to give better comfort and durability.

Notable new products developed for the rigours of the spring classics (and perfect for a Scottish summer!) include the stretch 2.5 layer waterproof jacket and ClassicsTM windproof jacket, available in short sleeves, long sleeves or with self-fabric arm-warmers. Cut in a slim race fit with external pockets and avoiding superfluous features to ensure low weight and bulk, these garments provide protection from the elements without compromising performance.

The short sleeve jerseys and bibshorts are both available in lightweight “summer” options developed and tested both in the climate chamber and in world level racing to deliver unsurpassed breathability and comfort on long climbs in the baking sun. The WT Summer SS Jersey weighs in at a mere 85g*, 26% lighter than the WT Race SS Jersey. Climatic chamber testing has shown this jersey to provide a 15%** increase in cooling performance on a simulated alpine climb in 30oC compared to a regular Endura cycle jersey. On the road that translates into a substantial performance advantage in the toughest summer conditions. Standard and summer bibshorts both feature Endura’s 800 series pad, high wicking mesh bibs and raw edge silicone grippers. WT Race jersey and Bibshort fabrics also boast coldblack® technology on all fabric panels to dramatically reduce heat build-up and provide UPF 50 protection. For riders looking to maximise aerodynamic advantage, the two levels of WT Speed Suit now offer world class aero credentials.

At the core of the Endura aero development program is an exclusive cooperation with Drag2Zero (world leaders in aerodynamics) based at the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 wind tunnel. This is supplemented by intensive testing by Movistar Team on the road in training and racing. Whilst the development process has involved computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, the largest gains have been made through extensive wind tunnel testing on many dozens of prototypes combined with feedback and verification from Movistar’s riders.

It is always tempting to grab for a gimmick and start quoting watts savings as being “the answer”, however the reality is far more complicated than a single figure plucked from a wind tunnel test can explain and such numbers are almost meaningless without full details of conditions.

Rider position, variation in aero performance at differing airflow speeds, management of “dirty air” that occurs in real world racing far removed from the clean airflow of wind tunnels where watts are measured, and how suits cope with inclined air flow when racing in cross winds all play a part.

Instead we think it more insightful to list some race results achieved over the last few weeks in our latest aero kit and invite comparison to results of professional riders using aero suits of other custom clothing brands:

– The Movistar Team white wash 1-2-3-4-5-6 at the Spanish ITT championships, a historic first (June 2014)

– Adriano Malori (Movistar Team) destroys the competition in the Italian ITT championships with a margin of over a minute (June 2014)

– Jan Barta (Team NetApp-Endura) wins Czech ITT Championships by over a minute and a half (June 2014)

– Alex Dowsett (Movistar Team) smashes the British 10 mile TT record by an amazing 25 seconds taking it from 17:45 to 17:20 (May 2014)

– Matt Bottrill (Drag2Zero) claims the British 50 mile TT record by a 44 second margin (June 2014).

Endura can now credibly claim to offer the most advanced custom printed aero clothing on the planet. Clothing has a bigger overall impact on drag than either frames or wheels so racers searching for an aero advantage can now access substantially bigger gains by using an Endura WT aero suit and than investing in aero wheels – and at a fraction of the cost.

The WT range represents the top tier of the custom range from Endura sitting above the Classic collection which offers a wide selection of high quality garments at a variety of price points.

Full details of the collection can be found on https://www.endurasport.com/custom/products/custom-product-listing.asp#

*Size medium, short zip
**On average, riders under controlled exertion typical of an alpine climb were able to continue for a period of 15% longer when wearing the WT Summer SS Jersey than when wearing Endura’s Xtract S/S jersey. No other variables were changed in the tests.

Endura WT Classics Jacket

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