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Energy Battle: Jurgen Van den Broeck vs Stéphane Misseghers

Who produces the most energy: Lotto Belisol rider Jurgen Van den Broeck or dEUS drummer Stéphane Misseghers? That’s tested in the Energy Battle, a playful video to make people aware of the importance of sustainable energy. The action is part of the ‘Ministry of Sustainability’ project of energy company Eneco.

Katrien Denef, PR and MarCom manager Eneco Belgium: “Eneco gives a voice to teenagers via the ‘Ministry of Sustainability’. On the 10th of March we launched our virtual platform (www.mvd.be), the motor of the campaign. Eneco lets three committed teenagers – Brecht, Kero and Ine of 15 and 16 years – convincingly start conversations about a sustainable future in Belgium. A media campaign with TV commercials, online banners, Facebook posts and radio supports the virtual platform.”

“With this campaign we want to make the public aware of sustainability. In three phases the teenagers develop crazy plans for sustainable energy solutions and each time they ask the public to send their ideas about sustainability. The essence of the campaign has to convince people to become client. Because the more clients Eneco convinces, the more we can really invest in sustainable energy solutions.”

“The idea of the “energy battle between cyclist and drummer” was created by our advertising agency Dallas. We thought this was a great idea because it’s about cycling, a sustainable sport, which we care about a lot. We organize the race of the Low Countries, the Eneco Tour. We chose Jurgen Van den Broeck because he’s thought to be the next yellow jersey of Belgium. It’s a top rider who’s also a nice person. We put him next to dEUS drummer Stéphane Misseghers to see who produces the most energy in thirty seconds. You can watch the result on the website of the ‘Ministry of Sustainability’.”

Discover who produces the most energy: Jurgen or Stéphane? https://community.eneco.be/blog

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