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Extension partnership Pioneer

Team LottoNL-Jumbo has extended its sponsorship contract with Pioneer. Pioneer will continue to supply the team with its advanced pedalling monitor system, which was developed in very close cooperation with the cycling team and allows the athletes to refine their biking technique and capacity. Furthermore, the speed skaters will also make use of Pioneer’s power meters to improve their performance.

Roel Schoondermark:
“The entire Lotto Jumbo Pro Cycling team has played a vital role in developing and refining our advanced Pioneer pedaling monitor system. Together, we’ve worked hard to develop an innovative cycling product for athletes who pursue performance. Our system has proven to be a great asset in the training phase, as well as in the analysis of the races. This cooperation is a classic example of how the sports world and business join forces and strengthen each other,” Roel Schoondermark, Cycling Business Manager Pioneer Europe.

Richard Plugge:
“Team LottoNL-Jumbo is one of the most innovative sports organizations in Holland. The collaboration with Pioneer is an excellent example of this. Pioneer was already a sponsor of the cycling team, but the speed skaters now also make use of the power meters that Pioneer has developed in collaboration with the cycling team. After working together intensively for two years, an amazing product is available, which is also used by other teams.”

Jac Orie:
“I want to obtain as much information about my speed skaters’ performances as possible in order to set up the right training schedules. For this reason, the collaboration with Pioneer is extremely important. Pioneer allows me to have a stock of data at my disposal. Next to this, it’s pleasant to work with a company that also values innovation.”

Wilco Kelderman:
“I discovered the Pioneer power meter online, more than two years ago. It was already an extremely innovative product at the time. I’m very happy that we, as a team, are collaborating with Pioneer for the third year in a row. With the riders’ input, we have managed to take the product to an even higher level. It’s pleasant to work with the Cyclo Computer because it offers numerous possibilities. I have a lot more data at my disposal, which allows me to make the most of my trainings and to improve my performances.”

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