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Felice Gimondi suffers severe bike accident

Felice Gimondi suffers severe bike accident “But I wish to be at the start anyway”

With the same commitment of the old times, when he was targeting the great races that characterized his incredible professional cycling career, Felice Gimondi was training in preparation of the 18th Granfondo Gimondi-Bianchi, making its return on the roads of the Bergamo area after one off-year.

71-year-old Felice is still a passionate rider, even though very careful in avoiding extra-risks and perils: this time out though, bad luck took its toll. Just a few kilometers from his home, when he was about to conclude his training session, Gimondi badly hit the ground due to a hole in the tarmac, while paying attention to the cars in the nearby of a dangerous crossroad: it was a spectacular crash, but in spite of wounds and pain, Felice got back on saddle to head back home.

After reaching his destination, he started to realize the crash’s consequences, and he was suffering severe pain in his ribs and femur, and was therefore taken to the hospital for his injuries to be treated. “I was afraid I had femur fracture, fortunately it was not that bad. Instead, I suffered some ribs fractures, but with no complications. It is such a shame, I had never crashed like this in my long career, when I was riding much faster than this, and it happened now that I move at 20 km/h…”

Gimondi was dismissed from the hospital after a few hours, and stressed his determination to be at the start of “his” Granfondo on Sunday May 4th anyway, to greet and encourage all the participants and fans in Bergamo. Never give up…


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