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Why fi’zi:k bar:tape? The importance of using the correct tape is all too often overlooked. As the
primary contact point between rider and bike, the hands on the bars are crucial for control, and the interface between the hands and the handlebar is determined by the characteristics of the tape.

That’s why fi’zi:k’s bar:tape enables you to select the perfect texture and padding type to create the optimum contact between you and your ride. The best materials and techniques are used to make a tape that feels so natural you’ll forget it’s there!


fi’zi:k bar:tape is available in a choice of padding thicknesses – to suit every ride from crit-race sprints to all-day tours. There’s a choice of finishes from soft touch to tacky touch – to suit all conditions and grip requirements. And there’s an
amazing array of colors to suit every bike, club and rider’s preference.

Materials and technologies
Every fi’zi:k bar:tape is made using Microtex so they are breathable, lightweight, durable and easy to wash. Superlight tapes are 2mm thick, providing optimum feedback for razor-edge control. 3mm thick performance tapes give more comfort for longer rides or rougher road conditions. The dual touch is a new addition to the fi’zi:k bar:tape range this year, giving you
the best of both worlds. fi’zi:k’s tacky compound tape is used on the handlebar’s drops – giving you extra grip during sprints and descents – while our classic compound is applied on the tops for a cool and comfortable feeling while climbing.

fi’zi:k is the phonetic spelling of the word physique, referring to the form or state of the human body. Often associated
with general fitness and athletics, the word is also used in many contexts to illustrate physical strength and health. fi’zi:k means passion, design, technology research, innovation and made in Italy. fi’zi:k owns the surfaces where the human body connects with the machine.

Bar:tape Overview
Finishes: Select from classic, glossy, soft touch, tacky touch or dual touch
– Superlight – 2mm
– Performance – 3mm

Superlight Classic Touch – € 17,90
Superlight Tacky Touch – € 29,90
Superlight Soft Touch – € 19,90
Superlight Dual Touch – € 32,90
Superlight Glossy – € 1 9,90
Performance Classic Touch – € 19,90
Performance Tacky Touch – € 29,90
Performance Soft Touch – € 19,90

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