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gebioMized adds optimal bike fitting to the team

The Cervélo Bigla Pro Cycling Team is proud to announce a partnership with gebioMized. The biomechanic company with a focus on dynamic bike fit technology sent a team from Germany made up of sports scientists out to the team’s training camp in Mallorca to work on bike positioning with the riders, looking for the optimal bike fit through different touch points such as the saddle and shoes.

“It’s a great honour for us to work with such a professional team. Women’s cycling is increasing and improving the level of professionalism and we are absolutely proud to be part of that,” Lotte Kraus of gebioMized said.

Speaking more about the technology, Kraus continued: “We are working with dynamic pressure mats at the contact points. They are flexible so that they can perfectly adapt on the saddle and we are analyzing the interaction of the pelvic anatomy to figure out if the saddle is positioned perfectly, if the sitting position is optimal and if we can change anything, either the saddle position or padding of the bib shorts. This is to guarantee riding in a comfortable position and so the athletes can produce the maximum power output on the bike.”

gebioMized works closely with Endura, the team’s new clothing partner. An example of the collaboration sees software which analyses the athlete’s touch points in the bib shorts, choosing the perfect padding on an individual basis. Inner soles are also examined and moulded to fit perfectly within the shoe.

More information can be seen in the video below.

gebioMized website: https://gebiomized.de/en/


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