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GF Felice Gimondi respects environment: “Ecozones” set to grant a sustainable event

The 18th edition of Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi – Bianchi – starting again on May 4th, on Bergamo province’s roads (after one-year suspension due to local viability renovation works) is increasingly going to be in the pursuit of eco-sensibility. In fact, G.M. Sport organizers undertook some initiatives in order to enable amateur and holiday cyclists to bike in step with landscape, indeed reducing at most anhydride emissions.

Throughout the route five rest stops will be set up, where only cyclists with bib number attached and race number on the front of the bike will admitted. These sites will be named “Ecozones”, as they will be devoted to eco-sustainability scopes: a waste collection portion will indeed be placed in very close vicinity of snack area. Participants will be encouraged to throw canteens, water bottles and any other kind of residue away there. “Start Ecozone” and “Stop Ecozone” signals, positioned by organizers, will respectively indicate the start and the end of the Ecozone Areas.

GF Felice Gimondi – Bianchi Organizing Committee, in close cooperation with the Italian Cycling Federation officials, will look after the event’s participants complying to the rules, with no garbage disposed out of Ecozones along the way.

Once more, cycling endorses the respect of environment: GF Felice Gimondi’s organizers will spread appropriate information among participants and visitors to get a sustainable event.

See you all on May 4th, with a charming race and many climbs awaiting you as well as a full eco-sustainable approach. Registrations can be filed through the online application by credit card, or alternatively by bank transfer, postal bulletin or directly to the organization headquarter in Bergamo (Via G. Da Campione, 24/c).

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