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GF Gimondi takes on “female quota” challenge

GF Gimondi takes on “female quota” challenge.

On Valentine’s day, 50% off couples’ registration fee.

Increasing the sensibility to women’s cycling and encouraging female riders’ participation: here is another mission for Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi–Bianchi, celebrating its 18th edition after an off-year. Growing interest in cycling from the women’s audience could not be overlooked by G.M. Sport organizers, who have planned several specific initiatives: a new challenge for Giuseppe Manenti and his collaborators, who aim to reach an ambitious 10% quota of women starters in Bergamo on Sunday, May 4th.

Speaking of women’s cycling, thinking of Italian TV journalist Alessandra De Stefano is no brainer: the popular RaiSport reporter and anchorwomen for some of the biggest appointments of the cycling season, brought a new sensibility and point of view in narrating bike racing and its protagonists, while also keeping a close eye on the “pink” side of the sport. “I personally support and encourage women’s cycling, even if I am not a rider myself” – De Stefano said. “My life is quite messy, as I travel a lot, so running is my favorite way for training. Still, the growth in women’s interest in cycling is very visible, and truly positive for the whole movement – professional or not: when a women gets into something, she puts in all of herself, with passion and competitive mood. On May 4th, I hope to see a picture of Felice Gimondi surrounded at the start by a number of women…”

On Friday February 14th, Valentine’s day, GF Felice Gimondi – Bianchi’s organizers will offer the opportunity for a couple to register for the race while paying only one fee (30 €). Another surprise initiative will be scheduled on March 8th, for the International Women’s day. “Encouraging couples to ride together is a very interesting theme, as women accept to challenge on a common ground – physical effort – that is generally more suited to men, and even if it means to give up something. To me, a woman on saddle is a symbol for courage,” De Stefano added.

In the recent years, women brought major successes to the Italian pro cycling. One of them, Tatiana Guderzo, bronze medallist in 2008 Beijing Olympics and World Champion in Mendrisio 2009, is the perfect example Alessandra De Stefano points at: “I have met a number of athletes over the years, but Tatiana always stunned me for her capacity to preserve her womanliness even in the sport, never passing on some light make-up ahead of the race, not to talk about her passion for shoes… She’s such a nice girl!”

Registrations are open for the 18th Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi – Bianchi: and can be filed through the online application by credit card on official website www.felicegimondi.com, or alternatively by bank transfer, postal bulletin or directly to the organization headquarter in Bergamo (Via G. Da Campione, 24/c).

For further information: [email protected]

Gimondi DeStefano - Photo Marco Quaranta

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