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Government Should not Miss ‘Blindingly Obvious Opportunity to Prioritise Cycling,’ says British Cycling

British Cycling today urged the government not to miss “the blindingly obvious opportunity to prioritise cycling” today in response to the publication of the Spending Review, which confirmed a 9% cut in the Department for Transport budget, with similar implications for Transport for London.

Commenting on the news, British Cycling’s Director of Policy and Legal Affairs, Martin Gibbs, said:

“Today’s news presents the Department for Transport with a blindingly obvious opportunity to prioritise cycling and reassess where the roads budget is going. In an age where petrol prices are high, the roads are clogged with cars and the obesity epidemic continues, there is distinct need for more sustainable transport options as a way to create more pleasant, healthy towns and cities.

“The All Party Parliamentary Get Britain Cycling report called for the cycling budget to be £10 per head if we are ever to get near creating an environment that will inspire more people to get on bikes. At the moment, the government is spending just £2 per head. A better allocation of investment now and a sustained strategy on cycling would help the government to realise the full potential of what cycling can deliver for the nation.

“I look forward to hearing more detail about the £100 billion transport infrastructure details that the government will announce tomorrow. It is essential that all new roads and infrastructure are built with cycling designed in at the outset. We’re still not doing this.

“The Mayor of London’s commitment on cycling is admirable and the sort of initiative we want to see happening across Britain. I hope today’s cuts to Transport for London’s budget do not lead to the fantastic ambition we’ve seen in the capital being scaled back.”

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