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Gran Fondo Basso 10 Colli 25 April 2021

Two Emblematic Italian Icons Together for one Great Event

The beauty of cycling is recognized the world over and perhaps no nation has played as instrumental of a role in terms of defining cycling culture as Italy. The world over cycling has taken a great deal of influence from the red, white and green of the Italian flag… in part due to its beautiful history but also to the incredible passion displayed by the Italian culture for this most beautiful sport. Basso has, for over 40 years, developed, created, painted and built its bikes and frames proudly in Italy, thanks to that very same passion so famous the world over. The second oldest granfondo in existence, the 10 Colli, is a testament to the past and present of Italian cycling passion as it celebrates its 36th edition this year. As such, Basso and the 10 Colli event both represent authentic “Italian-ness” and in collaborating together they create a granfondo that serves as a sort of flag-bearer for their shared culture and values… for both local cyclists as well as the multitudes of passionate riders across the globe.

basso 10colli

The collabroation, set to start in 2020, found its great intentions and expectations met with a global pandemic that has rendered nearly everything in our lives more difficult. 2021 however presents us with the rare second opportunity to start for the first time… and hopefully under new and more positive circumstances. We hope that the timing of this event helps to represent a great format and collaboration but also to usher in a new era where we all can return to the nearly carefree nature of cycling.

The cyclist trains to become a better cyclist but the better cyclist isn’t simply an athlete who rides harder or faster but rather an expert at overcoming obstacles… in all of their forms. The cyclist must overcome the obvious physical obstacles such as hard gradients, difficult terrain, falls, tough competition, bad weather etc… but also those of stress or as 2020 has shown us, even a global pandemic. We are cyclists and as experts in overcoming obstacles this is yet another issue for us to overcome. The Granfondo Basso 10 Colli will allow us to definitively overcome this obstacle and celebrate a return to a more normal life, riding over the 10 beautiful “colli” or hills that surround Bologna with a newfound smile on our faces.

basso 10colli

Registration to participate in the Granfondo Basso 10 Colli is open and can be found at the following link: https://www.diecicolli.it/iscrizioni





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