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Hammer Series Indoor Virtual Cycling Challenge on Kinomap

Immersive experience allows fans to sample unique cycling event.
After a 1st successful indoor challenge in 2018, Kinomap and Hammer Series are renewing the experience for the second year in a row. The Hammer Series Indoor Challenge on Kinomap will allow fans from all around the globe to compete on the official Hammer Series courses, recorded by the pro riders’ on-bike cameras during the actual events.

The partnership will help expand the cycling season and introduce a new audience to the unique format of the Hammer Series.

Kinomap is on the way to becoming the reference application for anyone looking to play a sport indoors. Being cycling’s largest geo-located video sharing and coaching platform in the world, sports fans now have the opportunity to train and compete at outdoor venues through real-life footage.

The partnership means that by the 7th of November 2019, fans equipped with a home-trainer will be able to practice and experience the Hammer Series in the comfort of their home.

The Hammer Series Indoor Challenge uses original race footage from this year’s events in Stavanger, Limburg and last year’s edition in Hong Kong. Kinomap’s technology allows the participants to compete in lifelike conditions, experiencing road variation and elevation through the resistance of their home-trainer. To take part in the challenge, participants will only need to download the free Kinomap mobile app for iOS and Android and ride the videos – accessible for free during the contest.

Philippe Moity, Kinomap President, said: “With the focus on indoor cycling, we’re delighted to offer this unique workout experience to ride with pro riders in real races. To perform such indoor and remote races, we have introduced the new interactive multiplayer game feature. Users in the Kinomap community can connect directly with one another by joining live sessions every hour to challenge, compete, and share the experience. With the gaming element and the responsive app that you can use on your phone or tablet, we are confident that the ‘Hammer Series Indoor Challenge on Kinomap’ will be a big success.”

Graham Bartlett, Velon CEO, said: “The Hammer Series is unique in many ways, one being the power and endurance required by the pro riders. They go all-out from start to finish with many setting personal watts records during the events. Thanks to Kinomap’s advanced technology, the fans now have an exclusive opportunity to experience the thrill of the Hammer Series as they take on the official courses and get a better feel of what the pros go through during these fast-paced races.”

Kinomap is the world’s first video-sharing platform to offer live-action videos synchronized with corresponding maps and coaching content. As of October 2019, the site features over 90,000 miles of video courses, enabling users to train on pre-recorded, geo-located outdoor routes with accompanying route maps. Additionally, users can monitor their progress, compare their performance with other athletes thanks to a social interface, and compete with the Kinomap community using the multiplayer feature.

The Hammer Series is a unique team vs. team race concept with no individual rider ranking. At each event, the teams compete against each other to score points in three thrilling disciplines: the Hammer Climb, Hammer Sprint and Hammer Chase. After the last event, the team with the most points overall is crowned Hammer Champion. Team Jumbo-Visma won the title in 2019, after Mitchelton-SCOTT (2018) and Team Sky (2017) took home the honours in the previous years. For more information about the Hammer Series, visit www.hammerseries.com.

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