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Helix Folding Bikes introduces the world’s best folding bike

Helix Folding Bikes (www.ridehelix.ca) today announced the launch of the Helix, the world’s best folding bicycle. Helix folds down to the size of its wheels. It is smaller, lighter, safer and easier to use than any other folding bike in the world. Helix will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter in early March.

Bikes get stolen. Bikes that are locked up get vandalized or have parts stolen. You can’t take your bike on the subway or train during peak hours. Taking your bike on a trip leaves little room for anything else. Bikes are awesome, but they are not easy to live with.

Folding bikes could be the answer, but they come with their own compromises. They ride funny because they have small wheels and compromised geometry, they’re heavy, they’re awkward to use and worst of all, they don’t actually fold that small.


We set out to change all of that.
Helix is the world’s smallest folding bike – it folds down to the size of its wheels. No other bike in the world folds so small. Helix’s wheels pivot on helical hinges that allow the front and rear wheels to be folded beside the frame and between the cranks – it is the most efficient use of space possible. Helix is not only small in width and height, but also depth, Helix is slightly wider than the crankset. Helix measures 25″ x 24″ x 9″.

Helix will be made out of titanium. Titanium is lightweight, durable, remarkably corrosion resistant and has excellent ride characteristics. It is an exceptional material for bicycle manufacturing. Helix will weigh 21 lbs (9.5kg).


A titanium bicycle frame can rival the weight of a high end carbon frame but with a level of durability that is unparalleled. Folding bikes are constantly being handled; they are folded, lifted, put in trunks and bags – durability is a necessity.

Helix was designed from the very start with a focus on safety. Helix uses industry first patent pending pass-through locks to keep the front fork and stem locked in place extremely rigidly. The locks are spring loaded to prevent wear over the lifespan of the bike; a secondary safety is in place should the spring loader fail. The design is inherently safe.


Helix is the easiest folding bike in the world to fold and unfold. Unlike any other folding bike, Helix can be folded in any order and without having to rotate the pedals. Helix is easy to fold because the helical pivots guide the wheels to their correct position.

Helix will be handmade in Toronto, Canada. A local hands on approach will ensure excellent quality. Only the finest materials, machinery and processes will be used to make sure Helix exceeds our customers expectations.

Helix is a radical departure from conventional bike design. It is unlike any other bicycle in the world. Helix folds down to the size of its wheels. It is safe, lightweight and easy to use. Helix is the best folding bike in the world.


Helix will be shipping in late July 2015. It will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter in early March starting at $1199.

Visit our website today to find out more about Helix and get notified when we launch our Kickstarter campaign.

Website: https://www.ridehelix.ca

About Helix Folding Bike Company:
Helix is a bicycle startup in Toronto, Canada. We will be making the worlds best folding bike in Toronto. Helix is smaller, lighter, safer and easier to use than any other folding bike in the world. It has big wheels, 9 speeds and a titanium frame. It folds down to the size of its wheels Helix can be taken on the subway, train and in any car. For more information please visit: www.ridehelix.ca.

About the Founder:
Helix was founded by Peter Boutakis, a software developer, machinist, welder, cnc programmer and avid cyclist. Peter previously worked in the software industry and successfully founded condocommunities.com a web application for the condominium industry. He is now working on making bicycles easier to live with by making the best folding bikes in the world.

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