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How Cyclists Can Kickstart Their Post Ride Recovery

The one thing that great cyclists figure out early is that rest and recovery between training rides make for good competition rides and improve both muscle conditioning and overall fitness. This article looks at five tips to kickstart your post-ride recovery with some ideas about why this is good for you.

Warm down

As soon as the high-intensity ride is done, you need to warm down slowly and stay on the bike for a few minutes longer, allowing the legs to unwind as you freewheel. Then once off the bike, do a few standing stretches and allow the muscles to cool down slowly. The ability to allow the muscles to ease between intense work and a relaxed state is a skill. The better you master it after a ride, the sooner your muscles will be able to start recovery and avoid any lactic acid build-up.

Elevate the legs

One of the best tips and proven means to kickstart your recovery after a ride is to elevate the legs. Find somewhere comfortable to sit, and then elevate your legs while you relax and hydrate. When comfy and relaxed, you will need something to do, like visit a casino online where you can choose from a wide range of games to play while your legs remain elevated. The idea is to be still for a while and promote lower body blood flow, and you may as well have some fun and entertainment planned for while you do.

Eat well and eat right

The body will need an almost immediate supply of fluids and proteins to speed up recovery. This is a well-researched sector, and lean protein such as chicken, eggs, pulses and beans, and natural protein shakes and drinks will be best. The idea for a fast-tracked recovery is to eat a protein-packed meal at least within two hours of the ride and make sure that you stay as hydrated as possible.

Do some active recovery

Stretches and weight training are some of the best means of active recovery, but always at less than 50 percent of your normal physical intensity and only on the next day. The stretches will help to settle the muscles and make for much quicker recovery times.

Sleep well

Rest is good, but sleep is better, and if you want to fast-track your recovery and return to the bike, you need to sleep. Sleep is when the muscles and the entire body and brain can recharge and recuperate to be able to start again the next day. After the steps above, look to have a long uninterrupted sleep as soon as possible, regardless of the time of day.

The aim of fast-tracking your recovery is to get fit and ready for more cycling as soon as possible after your ride. Riding without recovery periods is a recipe for disaster, and the body will soon have its say and force you to rest, either due to injury or stress. So, the best cyclists out there can pre-empt this. Using some of their tips, as elaborated upon in this article, you will be able to recover faster than ever before to ride again, at your best.





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