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Ilnur Zakarin and Team KATUSHA ALPECIN with Svensson Sport Nutrition

The partnership between the Swiss WorldTour Team KATUSHA ALPECIN and the Dutch Svensson Sport Nutrition has so far been more than successful. The parties joined together in 2017. Svensson Sport Nutrition provides the sports nutrition to the team for both during and after competitions and trainings. The range includes bars, gels, isotonic drinks, as well as protein soups and shakes that further support recovery. In addition, Svensson has a unique range of supporting supplements for the optimization and maintenance of good health and the associated top condition for riders.

“I really like the Svensson gels, especially since they are easily digestible. I prefer to use the gels with banana flavor, but in fact I also like the cappuccino, cola, red berries or lime – all are very delicious,” said “bronze-place finisher” Ilnur Zakarin from the Tour of Spain, where he shined on the overall podium next to Chris Froome and Vincenzo Nibali.

“Svensson is progressive in its tastes, its pursuit for natural products and in its distribution, directly from lab to user. In addition, we prepare our products on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge and produce our product according to the strictest standards of hygiene and purity. Also, each sample has been tested by an independent lab for possible presence of doping contaminants. Only after release are the products marketed,” explains Claudia Smet, CEO Svensson.

Team doctor Dag Van Elslande was keen to see the composition of the products when he found out that the lab behind the current Svensson Sport Nutrition company was revolutionary ten years ago with its Etixx products.

“It became clear to me that they did not sit still, but rather developed an improved range of scientifically substantiated products. They even managed to make them taste delicious. From day one of this season, the team wanted to work with these products. Both in the Spring, and during the Giro, Tour and Vuelta, they have proved their worth. The product line is packed with truly innovative products, ranging from protein-rich bars, soups, shakes, and chips. There are also the gamma-tested dietary supplements: beta-alanine, florafor (pre- and probiotics), citrullin malate, magnesium, and also a functional booster gel with peppermint and caffeine. I recently read some studies that showed that this type of peppermint gel provides proven power and VO2max as well as reaction rate, and this from five minutes after ingestion and up to an hour,” said Dr. Dag Van Elslande.

Team soigneur Giuseppe Desiderio adds: “The Svensson isotonic drink is so easy to use: it is liquid so there is never a mess with powder, it dissolves very easily and the riders find their favorites in the different flavors. In addition, we do not get any comments about the gastrointestinal problems, thanks to 100 percent natural sugars, flavors and colorants.”

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