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In Their Free Time Area Zero Pro Team Wears SUN68

When they aren’t working, Area Zero Pro Team will be wearing clothes from the SUN68 brand. This is a dynamic and appealing label with an innovative and original design that perfectly matches the spirit and image of the young, all- Italian continental squad that is getting ready to make its debut among the peloton in the 2014 season.

With Area Zero Pro Team the SUN68 brand is breaking into the world of major cycling. It’s a perfect Italian label for an all-Italian team. SUN68 is a brand of casual clothing that pays particular attention to small details and invests seriously in material research. The company’s headquarters is located in Noventa di Piave (Venice).

“Here at Area Zero Pro Team we are very proud to be able to count on an important brand like SUN68 for our casual wear,” explains team manager Andrea Tonti. “A squad’s professionalism is also judged on the image it portrays to the outside, this is why the partnership with SUN68 is tremendously pleasing for us, even because it integrates perfectly with the personality and philosophy of our team.”

SUN68 doesn’t only follows the world of fashion but it takes inspiration from the same people it wants to dress for their everyday lifestyles. For SUN68 to be associated with the riders from Area Zero Pro Team is a new adventure that the brand intend to take on with tremendous enthusiasm and interest, and with the hope that it will also serve to broaden the horizons in Italy and all over the world.

Discover the SUN68 line of clothing at: https://sun68.com/it/


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