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ItalCycling’s Lake Garda Training Camp: The Ideal Italian Experience for Experienced Cyclists

Sept. '22 Dates Open

“A full one week training camp in Italy on the Giro stages of Lake Garda. Full and experiential days to challenge yourself and one another, talking, riding, and learning about how to be a stronger, faster, better cyclist.  A training camp guided by a British Cycling Qualified Coach, is also an experience to share our passion for two wheels and for everything it allows us to do” says Giuseppe Barenghi, ITAL Cycling Bike Tours owner.

• Original article by Alberto Fossati, Bici.Pro Magazine, translated from Italian

The Training Camp and the Academy

When it comes to training camps, academies, but also weekend group training, thoughts run fast and emotions mix. We think of a resumption of sports activities to achieve goals. There are those who want to ride a bike and emulate the professionals. There are amateur cyclists who, through a training camp, want to pedal with intensity in new places and discover roads never ridden before. But there are also those who want to simply learn, because not all of us are “seasoned cyclists”. The last year and a half, lived with restrictions never faced before, was also a kind of detonator that made many discover the bicycle.

The organized training camps and the bike academies are a real tool, where sharing allows everyone to grow and evolve, to learn & see from the experience. They’re a meeting place where the most important thing is to pedal giving rise to passion, using the “toy” that knows no age, eras, and restrictions: the bicycle.

The holiday? It’s part of the package.

A tempting opportunity to ride on the roads of Lake Garda, a rich region and destination for many cyclists who disembark on the Garda shores to play sports and enjoy a unique place. Here nothing is missing and not only in terms of bikes, but our subject remains the “mechanical horse with two wheels and pedals”, the protagonists who live it and who give it shape and substance.

Of course we’re talking about amateurs and enthusiasts, those people who do not have a career as a sports champion, but who, thanks to the bicycle, ride their dreams.  We’re talking about you.

Sometimes the passion is intense and we live it in our guts, factors that make us lose reason, common sense and objectives. Sometimes passion is avid and consumes us. Here, a notion comes into play, a teaching that we have made our own, or an advice that comes from others and that we have sewn on our way of riding a bike. Training camps also have this task, to teach us how to best reach our potential. A school? Yes why not. We may not become champions, but we will become better cyclists.

It’s well thought out package and nothing is missing, from accommodation to van assistance.

The organization is that of Ital Cycling bike tours, a group of enthusiasts and pedalers, entrepreneurs of course, but first of all, cyclists who want to give their customers the same experience they want for themselves.

And then there is Ian Jenner, a modern training professional linked to data, numbers and the use of power meters. Lots of stuff and that’s just what you need to learn and deepen.

There are nutrition consultants. Some tips on how and what to use when doing sports (and not only) is always welcome, even from the perspective of a sector, that of nutrition linked to sport, which is evolving exponentially.

There is the support of some companies in the sector and it is not just a question of “gifts and presents”, but it is the credibility that this project was created with purpose.


To Each His Own Take

Amateur cycling is not just that of circuit races and granfondos. The amateur universe is a huge basin that brings together many people, each with their own skills and degree of preparation, each of these with its own way of interpreting the bicycle. However, during an organized training camp you never remain alone and for this reason there is always a small victory at the top of the hill.


In Conclusion

“The bicycle is a sharing tool”, a phrase that we will see more and more appearing in the near future. In a world where everything is getting faster, the sustainable and slow means of transport (less fast than cars and motorized traffic in general) is coveted and sought after and within everyone’s reach. Like all categories, however, even that of the bicycle becomes more and more specific, at times articulated in its rules, norms and still fascinating. Going to and participating in a training camp is like going back to school and getting involved again, just like professional athletes when they do college retreats.

We are all a little professional… You can try this experience from 12th to 18th September 2022 in the beautiful scenery of Lake Garda, a paradise for cyclists as well Italian wine and food lovers. Check the program on italcyclig.com or drop and email to [email protected]


• Original article by Alberto Fossati, Bici.Pro Magazine, translated from Italian


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