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Joule: Joule

World’s first caffeine bracelet using FDA approved patches for long-lasting focus and alertness.

Nothing is worse than when you start to fade during your daily workout. Luckily that can be avoided by wearing Joule, a caffeine bracelet that gives you a much needed boost the second you place it on your wrist. Joule is a revolutionary bracelet that is set to launch on Kickstarter on February 3. It is a stylish and adjustable bracelet containing an FDA approved transdermal caffeine patch that can be worn for up to four hours of effectiveness. The patch is sweat proof, 100% hypo-allergenic and contains all natural ingredients. It’s perfect for the gym or wherever your day takes you.

The bracelet and patches will be sold on Kickstarter for $29 and will be available in blue (additional colors coming soon).

· Sport-fashion bracelet containing an FDA approved transdermal caffeine patch for long-lasting alertness and focus

· Each Joule patch is equivalent to one cup of coffee and is slowly absorbed by the body for up to four hours of effectiveness (compared to traditional coffee which is absorbed over 15-45 minutes)

· Depending on an individual’s caffeine tolerance, users can wear multiple patches without feeling jittery or suffering from a caffeine crash

· Suitable for anyone 18+ looking for a feel-good boost without the calories or from a food-based source

· Joule is sweat proof, 100% hypo-allergenic and contains essential vitamins and natural ingredients

· Each set includes 30 patches and one bracelet, additional patches and bracelets are available

· Joule is a one-size-fits all unisex bracelet featuring an adjustable strap for easy closure and a comfortable fit

· Available in blue. Additional colors and watch strap coming soon

Available at: Kickstarter.com (February 3, 2016)
Price: $29 (Bracelet & Patches), $75 (Watch & Patches)
Website: Coming Soon


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