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Koobi Saddles Continues Sponsorship of Colorado Gravel Grinder

For the second year in a row, Koobi Bicycle Saddles is sponsoring a rigorous bicycling event through some of Colorado’s most beautiful scenery. This year’s series has two events, the Pony Xpress Gravel 160 and the new Encierro Velo.

In the last five years a new form of bicycle racing has evolved called “Gravel Grinding” and it has taken root in the cycling community spirit. These types of bicycle road races typically are staged on dirt or gravel country roads through extreme scenic locations. The roads are usually twisty and over rolling areas that test both endurance and skill. The Colorado Gravel Grinder Championships makes the most of the scenic views and remote roads that Colorado is known for.

“We’ve very excited to be a part of this growing movement to get back outdoors and appreciate backcountry areas,” says Koobi Saddles representative Phil Schweizer. “The last two years there was only the ‘Pony Xpress’ and it was wildly popular with our clients and the local cycling community. The Encierro Velo is looking to top that experience for cyclist and really make this event something special.”

The Pony Express
The Pony Xpress is a 160 km event that takes place in Trinidad, Colorado. The course is made up of “…96% gravel county roads and 4% blacktop county roads that wind throughout northwest Las Animas county.” The endurance race winds through foothills, open plains, and forests with views of Fischer Peak. This event will be held May 21, 2016.

Encierro Velo
The Encierro Velo is a 100 km event that starts at the Peaceful Valley Scout Camp, Elbert, CO and offers cyclists incredible scenery as it rolls west on gravel roads to Monument CO. This event will be held April 30, 2016.

Koobi Saddles is a high end performance saddle designed specifically for endurance cycling, making it a natural sponsor for a “gravel grinder”. “Certainly, this is our type of event,” says Phil Schweizer. “These races test more than your muscles. They test your ability to think clearly while extremely fatigued. We design our saddles specifically for events like this.”

The races were created to not only test the endurance and skill of the cyclists, but also showcase Colorado’s magnificent views and scenery. Each will have a full or half distance that riders can select from. The two part race has a website where interested parties can find ample information about the event and how to register: www.ColoradoGravelGrinderChampionships.com.


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