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Kwik Trip Tour of America’s Dairyland – 13th Edition Dates & News


Kwik Trip Tour of America’s Dairyland – 13th Edition Dates & News
Lucky 13 they say? We agree! What’s the news across the nation; we have got the information! Yea, corny, I know, but here’s the latest from your beloved Kwik Trip Tour of America’s Dairyland…

Kwik Trip has again shown their commitment to supporting great Wisconsin events and upped that commitment by signing on for anther three (3) years AND has jumped into the title sponsor level! I guess they kinda like us and this little thing we’re doing for 11 (maybe 12 days; hint hint!) days in a row each June just like all of you!

Jakroo USA has officially joined us as the “official custom apparel” sponsor ALSO with a three (3) year commitment! Early impressions are that this will be an amazing collaboration and for those of you with cycling clubs or ambitions to sell cycling wear, this is the “fit” for you! With crazy quick turnarounds and a simple to use design process and NO MINIMUMS, why would you shop anywhere else?

Roaring Fork Restaurant Group has joined the family; franchisors of Qdoba in Wisconsin! Currently operating 58 restaurants throughout the state, there are lots of fun ways for us to engage with each other and if you love Qdoba as much as so many of us, better make sure you’re on-site this summer!

Sponsor socials are on their way as we aggressively move towards our goal of connecting more of you with each other! Right now we’re planning one for April and one for May! Stay tuned for details soon.

2022 Series Calendar will be announced February 1st! As hinted above, there is a chance we could add a 12th day of racing (sorry for adding more visibility for your brands!), but lots of work yet to do to make it a reality. It would then see us open racing on Wednesday, June 15th, but for now, this is the latest…

Thursday, June 16 – Janesville
Friday, June 17 – East Troy
Saturday, June 18 – Grafton
Sunday, June 19 – Manitowoc
Monday, June 20 – Bay View
Tuesday, June 21 – tbd
Wednesday, June 22 – Greendale
Thursday, June 23 – Brady Street
Friday, June 24 – Shorewood
Saturday, June 25 – Downer Avenue
Sunday, June 26 – Wauwatosa Village

Many of you are committed for 2022 and maybe beyond and some have yet to confirm. As you know, we’ve been focused on securing our venues and not so much driving sponsorship discussions, but that has changed and contacts are being made between us. If you wanna jump the gun and say yes here publicly, bring it on. We’ll be in touch soon and as always THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing support of the Kwik Trip Tour of America’s Dairyland.

More Info at Tour of America’s Dairyland website



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