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LAMPRE-MERIDA charity auction for little Klaudia

Covering the stage of Tour de Pologne in a team car is a dream of many fans of cycling. It will come true for the one who wins the charity auction. The winner will cover the 5th mountain stage of Tour de Pologne in Lampre-Merida team car and will help to win the race for life of 7-year-old Klaudia Pajak. Money from this auction will support expensive therapy the girl from Pisarzowice has to stand. It’s worth mentioning that Pisarzowice is Przemyslaw Niemiec’s hometown. – I believe we will help Klaudia win her battle against cancer – says Czeslaw Lang, the organizer of the race.

– Inside the race, in the bunch, next to the cyclists: no other emotions in sport could give you the same thrills of experiencing a cycling race sitting in a team car, next to a sport director – says Giuseppe Saronni, general manager of Lampre-Merida. – It’s an exclusive position. Let’s imagine you sit on a bench next to a football trainer, run by the side of a champion of track and field or ski just behind a master skier – he adds. This opinion is shared by Przemyslaw Niemiec from the team. – For someone who hasn’t tried it yet, it’s going to be a great experience. For sure descents will be packed with emotions, driving at the speed of over 100 km/h you will be very close to the cyclists. Some sport directors are good at extreme driving, so definitely there will be a lot of excitement to experience during the mountain stage of Tour de Pologne – says the 6th cyclist of Giro d’Italia 2013.

Cycling feast is prepared to help 7-year-old Klaudia Pajak from Pisarzowice, Przemyslaw Niemiec’s hometown. Since November 2011, she’s been bravely fighting with malignant tumour and she needs to undergo an expensive therapy in Germany. – All the people from Pisarzowice support me and Klaudia. Things are getting better for her and I believe this action will help her to recover – says the Polish top cyclist. All the money from the auction (https://allegro.pl/show_item.php?item=3408160964) will support Klaudia’s therapy. The organizer of the action is Merida Poland. Przemyslaw Niemiec, Merida brand ambassador in Poland, supports it together with his team – Lampre-Merida, the organizers of Tour de Pologne and Iskierka Foundation (Klaudia is under its care).

Cyclists support Klaudia

– Klaudia finished five courses of antibodies treatment in a German clinic and we are at home now. On the 22nd of July we are going to Germany to check whether there are any cancer cells left. Then the doctors are going to say what to do next – says Izabela Pajak, Klaudia’s mother. The girl underwent a complicated and severe process of fighting with malignant tumour (neuroblastoma) in Poland. The chances of full recovery may be greatly increased thanks to an expensive therapy in a clinic located in Greifswald, Germany, which is not refunded by National Health Fund. More information about the treatment can be found at klaudiapajak.pl. The most important thing is that there are visible results of the therapy. – Klaudia feels good, she is full of life, she smiles all the time, she’s our little busy bee. She constantly repeats: “just one more test and I’ll be healthy!” – says her mom. – Our daughter gives us energy and we forget about her illness when we are together at home – she admits.

– Together with my husband and our daughter we keep our fingers crossed for Przemek – says Izabela Pajak. As it turns out, not only Przemyslaw Niemiec is a fan of Klaudia, but all Lampre-Merida team supports her. – The link between our team and Poland has always been strong and it will be even stronger thanks to the charity we’re officially supporting. It is something that goes over the sport edges and it’s all about something more important than every climb or downhill, the challenge of winning life – says Giuseppe Saronni, world champion and two-time winner of Giro d’Italia. Also thanks to our Polish rider Niemiec, we decided to join the project to help Klaudia Pajak to win her race. As a team captain needs support by his team mates to reach the success, Klaudia also needs our help. Also Czeslaw Lang enthusiastically supports the action. – There’s something more to sport than excitement, so what we’re trying to emphasize in Tour de Pologne are other values it may bring to light. During this popular event we have the opportunity to give hand to someone who really needs it. That’s a great initiative and I believe we can do a lot to help Klaudia win her battle against cancer – says the organizer of Tour de Pologne.

Car bursting with excitement

In Czeslaw Lang’s opinion, there is another important reason worth fighting for covering 5th stage of TdP in Lampre-Merida team car. – This will be the first mountain stage of the race on the Polish side. A lot of things may happen on the course, there will be a battle on flying finishes and GPMs. According to new rules, the rider who gains the most points each day, will have 30’’ time subtracted. You can expect great emotions, attacks and breakaways. Przemek Niemiec or any other Lampre-Merida cyclist may join them and the team car will follow the rider – explains the legend of Polish cycling. On the 1st of August the winner of the auction will cover the 5th stage of Tour de Pologne (Nowy Targ-Zakopane, 160,5 km) in one of two cars of the legendary Italian team at the race. Each Seat Exeo Station Wagon will be driven by a Lampre-Merida sport director. In stage races one car assists the riders in the main bunch and the captain in case of selection on the hills and climbs. The other car’s duty is to assist the riders in the breakaway and to support the cyclists “on late” in demanding stages.

– A team car is a fundamental element in cycling, because it’s the main support for the riders during the long courses of a race. Usually, the car is driven by the sport director and, in the rear seats, there is a mechanic – says Giuseppe Saronni. – The sport director is in contact with the team cyclists via radio private frequencies: what he can communicate to the athletes are the course characteristics, the tactical evolution of the race, the gaps between the riders. He also and gives them tips on how to approach the stage well. The radios are also helpful in communication between the riders and the car about mechanical needs. In that case, a team car joins the cyclist with problems and a team mechanic is ready to solve the puncture, a chain trouble or whatever else happens – explains general manager of Lampre-Merida.

The winner of the auction will be able to hear not only the sport director’s talks with riders, but the official “race radio” with all the details about the race development as well. He may also peep at a TV broadcasting the race in the car. Perhaps the person will also take a close look at a mechanic’s intervention. Before the race the mechanic takes into the car or on the roof all the elements that might be useful: spare bikes, tools, wheels and all the spare components. If the weather gets worse, the fan of cycling who wins the auction may help with passing additional clothes to the riders. It is difficult to predict the course of events on the stage, but one thing is certain: the car will be bursting with excitement! After the stage the winner will meet Przemyslaw Niemiec and other Lampre-Merida riders, he will also receive a cycling jersey with their autographs. But first of all, he will help to win the race for Klaudia’s life.

In photo, Niemiec and Klaudia.

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