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Legendary Race Winning Wheel Gets Increased Control

The Campagnolo Bora™ family of wheels has been synonymous with victory and have become and object of desire amongst not only the cycling public but also of the top riders in the professional peloton. This legendary status comes from their sound construction, premium materials and extremely advanced engineering that render them not only capable of offering a race-winning technical advantage, but to maintain that performance over time.

The attention these wheels get hovers around what makes them reliable and also what makes them fast. However, speed and agility necessitate control if a rider is to make it safe and sound to the finish line and the Campagnolo engineering staff has developed a new construction that will confer a braking performance above and beyond anything found on carbon rims to date.

The new construction relies on AC3™ technology to create surefooted stopping power that is reliable and potent no matter the weather conditions. All Conditions Carbon Control™, or AC3™, was developed not only to generally improve an already great braking performance but also to address one of the principle drawbacks to the carbon fiber racing rim: braking performance in the wet. The meticulously researched textured design on the brake track is perhaps the only visually evident part of this new performance enhancement construction. These grooves allow channels for rain and dirt to escape from the contact point of pad and rim in addition to adding friction that contributes to cleaning any residue left upon the rim. The structure of this textured pattern has been optimized for maximum performance and efficiency and need to be ridden to be appreciated.

Aside from the externally obvious textured design upon the brake track, the construction of the new Bora™ wheels underwent some internal optimization to orient the fibers in a way to guarantee maximum integrity in the face of new input deriving from a new braking surface. The highly sophisticated resin optimized by Campagnolo engineering staff to withstand higher temperatures than the Bora™’s competition and to dissipate the extreme heat produced during the braking phase.

The incorporation of AC3™ represents a significant performance advantage that raises the level of a wheel that already stood out amongst its competition. Under dry conditions the new technology increases braking performance 3% over the previous Bora™ while increasing the gap with its closest competitor by over 6%. However, when the conditions are insidious and rain has the competition worried, AC3™ allows the Bora™ to excel. While the previous edition of the Bora™ offered results far beyond those found on competitors’ wheels, the AC3™ technology increases braking performance an astounding 43% over past Campagnolo models. The powerful braking of AC3™ represents a nearly 55% performance gap over that of its closest competitor making for a rather significant advantage when the heat of the race is on.

This new technology will be found throughout the Bora family of wheels and offer the next level of Campagnolo Bora™ performance on both clincher and tubular versions of the iconic wheelset. AC3™ technology will be found on Bora™ 35, 50 and Bora™ Ultra TT and will start giving a winning advantage to both professional and amateur riders alike later this Spring.

More info on the Campagnolo website HERE.

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