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Long-Distance Cycling Tours: How to Survive Long, Dark Evenings in a Tent or Bivvy Bag

Have you been busy planning a long-distance cycling tour and are completely wrapped up in the excitement around it? That’s no surprise, as it’s a really big undertaking to embark on this kind of journey and it should be something that gives you a lot of pride. But as you plan out your itinerary, figure out what you’ll need to pack and get your bike road-ready, it’s important to also give thought to the evenings. How will you survive what can feel like very long and dark nights in your tent or bivvy bag?

We’ve got some great ways that you can pass the time and make the most of your tour.

Enjoy Some Online Gaming with Your Smartphone
While you likely haven’t packed a tablet or laptop on your cycling tour, there’s a good chance you have your smartphone with you. At the very least, it’s wise to have it in case you need to contact anyone. So, why not take advantage of the entertainment possibilities during the evening hours in the form of online gaming?

Whether you’re in search of the best casino online for some authentic action, you want to check out the latest apps, or popular video games like Minecraft or Fortnite are more your thing, your smartphone can transform into the ultimate entertainment device. Be sure to pack a couple of portable battery banks so that you can go days between charges.

It’s Time to Catch Up on Your Reading
If you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend the evenings, why not catch up on your reading? It doesn’t get more peaceful than staying in a bivvy bag or tent, so why not lean into it and choose peaceful activities? Because you plan on reading in the evening hours, however, you’ll need to think about lighting. A headlamp that can be angled downwards, or the book style lights that clip onto the book itself would be great options.

A Good Old Deck of Cards
It doesn’t matter if you’re cycling on your own or with others, having a deck of cards is a must-have and something you’ll want to throw in your bag. It’s the simplest thing yet it can provide you with hours’ worth of entertainment. Some of the best games to play include:

  • Rummy
  • Crazy Eights
  • Euchre
  • Cribbage
  • Hearts
  • Solitaire
  • Rummoli

This could even be an opportunity to learn a new-to-you card game. You’ve got the available time, so why not?

Start Journaling and Chronicle Your Tour
Then there is journaling, which can be a great and creative way to pass time. You can make a point to write about each day’s events, sights and special moments. This will be special to look back on and read weeks, months and even years after your long-distance cycling tour. 

As you can see, there are several great and fun ways that you can pass the time while on your long-distance cycling tours. Instead of dreading the long, dark and boring nights – you may just end up looking forward to the chance to relax.




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