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Lotto Belisol: A good night’s sleep thanks to Technogel Sleeping

A good night’s sleep is of the utmost importance to a rider all the time, but all the more during a stage race of three weeks like the Tour de France. Thanks to the gel head pillows and gel neck pillows of Technogel Sleeping our riders immediately feel comfortable in each hotel room and can sleep like a rose. The pillows contain Technogel ©, a polyurethane mix that the company developed together with Bayer and of which they have the worldwide patent.

Each rider has two gel pillows of his own, adapted to his personal sleeping pattern: Does he sleep on his back, stomach or side and does he prefer an thick or a thin pillow? The non-toxic gel – it doesn’t contain oil or plasticizers – in the top layer of the pillows perfectly adapts to the body. Thanks to the gel the warmth is being sent to the outside; the riders will transpire less and sleep cooler, so they will recuperate better. This is because less energy is being used in the sleep, because the temperature is two to three degrees lower. The top layer of the pillows consists of little gel towers which ensure a better distribution of pressure, which improves the blood circulation; this helps to calm the metabolism. Because organic residues, like skin flakes and hair can’t penetrate, the products of Technogel Sleeping are very hygienic.

Technogel is a multinational which is led from Italy and has branches in Germany and the US. Initially the company developed Technogel © based components for use in high-end medical equipment and devices, furniture and footwear, now they still do. But the last years they broadened their assortment to the sleeping environment, particularly mattresses and pillows. Technogel Sleeping wants to give all sportsmen, both professional and not professional, a chance to sleep well so they can enhance their performances. Eating healthy and training sessions have to be combined with a good rest at night. And that’s the case for the Lotto Belisol riders, thanks to Technogel Sleeping.

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