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Lotto Belisol: Battle for national title outside Belgium

Sunday the Belgian national championship will take place in La Roche-en-Ardenne, we’ll give you a preview of that tomorrow. Today we let you know in which national championships our foreign riders will start: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

In the Netherlands a successor will be searched of Niki Terpstra. For Lotto Belisol Dirk Bellemakers and Brian Bulgaç will start. Joost Van Leijen won’t be attending the national battle, because of health issues. The race will be held in Kerkrade, just like last year. Then only sixteen riders made it to the end, partly because of the bad weather. The pros have to cover 22 rounds of 10,4 km. It’s a feisty course with four hills: Mont Chèvre or the Oud-Erensteinerweg (10% average), Haanraderweg (7% average), Duivels Bosch (up to 20%) and the Wijngracht (6% average). The start and finish line is on that last hill. Each round the riders have to climb 3,2 kilometers.

André Greipel and Marcel Sieberg go to Wangen, where the German championship is held. That’s a race of 225 km. Fabian Wegmann will defend his title. In Denmark the national championship will take place in Vordingborg. Lars Bak is going to race there, he won in 2005. Last year the then 21-year-old Sebastian Lander was the best. Finally there is the title race in Spain with Vicente Reynes. The 208,9 kilometer long championship will be ridden in Bembibre in the region Castilla y León. Francisco Ventoso is the current Spanish champion.

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