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Lotto Belisol: In the picture: Ridley Helium SL and Ridley Dean FAST

During this Tour de France the Lotto Belisol riders have three kinds of Ridley bikes at their disposal: the Noah FAST, the Helium SL and the Dean FAST. With this last one they set a very strong result in yesterday’s team time trial. The partnership with Ridley Bikes is a real interaction between both parties. A chat between Anthony Kumpen – commercial director at Ridley – and Lotto Belisol riders Jurgen Van den Broeck and Jelle Vanendert at training camp in January led to the use of the Helium SL (SuperLight) by our team. On this bike our riders will cover the French mountains during this Tour. There’s only 30 grams of paint on the Helium SL, 150 grams less than on the Helium.

Anthony Kumpen, commercial director Ridley: “In two months time we have developed a special painting process, which makes that the bike is lighter and that comes in very handy in mountain stages. The riders have an SRM system attached to their bikes which is relative heavy and they wondered if it was possible to save on the weight of the frame. A lighter frame means that they can put the necessary equipment on their bike, to measure their heart rate and wattage, without getting above the minimum weight of 6,8 kg. With this example you see that the team isn’t only important to us for gaining publicity, but we can use their feedback to improve our bikes, also the bikes we bring on the market.”

The Dean FAST is the new time trial bike of our riders. We already know the FAST concept (Future Aero Speed Technology) since the Noah Fast was launched in 2011, the vehicle on which the riders cover the flat stages. It consists of three by Ridley patented aerodynamic technologies, which you’ll never see with other bicycle manufacturers. The fork is designed to divert the wind away from the spokes. Less turbulence and less air resistance is the result. The bike has a structured surface to keep the wind as close to the frame as possible and to lessen the air resistance. The third technology is the integrated brake in the front and back fork. The basic idea of the FAST concept was applied to the Dean, the new version now has the name Dean FAST.

Anthony Kumpen: “The Dean FAST is a complete new bike and a strong example of innovation. We applied the same principle as with the Noah FAST, but of course you have other shapes and geometry on a time trial bike, so you can’t completely take over everything. We have worked more than three years on this project. The launch was preceded by many tests in wind tunnels and studies by engineers. The big novelty are the integrated brakes, which means the brakes are completely part of the frame; the basic idea of the FAST concept. No parts are put onto the bike separately. That’s why the Dean FAST is far more aerodynamic, also thanks to the integrated handlebar.”

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