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Lotto Belisol organizes medical symposium on the 10th of May

Next Saturday, 10th of May, Lotto Belisol organizes a medical symposium in the congress center of the Circuit of Zolder. It has three subjects: cardiology, radiology and orthopedia. Lotto Belisol has four team doctors, but works together with doctors from outside the team on a regular basis. The medical staff is not only there to treat injuries, but prevention is as important.

Team doctor Jan Mathieu: “Next to the fixed staff of four team doctors the team can rely on doctors outside the team like cardiologist Sophie Demanez and radiologist Olivier Ghekiere. Professor Heidbuchel will also be one of the speakers on the symposium. Doctor Toon Claes will talk about the orthopaedics injuries that cyclists often have and what the treatments are. Our riders can always go to him as well.”

“I will give a presentation about the preventive measures we have used this season. The riders had medical tests in October and January. First of all to keep the riders healthy and avoid injuries. By sharing our results further studies can be done. This is also a first step in searching a scientific basis for talent detection.”

Dr. Olivier Ghekiere, radiologist CHC St.-Joseph Liège: “Each year before the season starts the Lotto Belisol riders have an extensive cardiologic test. This is an ECG, exertion test and ultrasound of the heart. On top of these tests, that are made obligatory by the UCI, there is also a 24 hours registration of the heart rhythm. On the congress the cardiologists will talk about the importance of this screening. During my presentation I will talk about which disorders can lead to sudden death of athletes and how we can detect it via radiology.”

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