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Lotto Belisol: Update injury Van den Broeck

This morning Jurgen Van den Broeck has undergone surgery by doctor Toon Claes in the hospital of Herentals. The diagnosis that was set after the scan was confirmed. The surgery, meant to repair the damage to the cartilage, went smoothly.

The injury is situated at the bone above which the patella glides, doctor Claes has cleaned the bone, repaired it again and filled it up and removed a bone flake at the inside of the medial ligament.

The original prognosis remains, the next ten days Van den Broeck will walk on crutches and he ought not to set any power on the joint for three weeks. If the recovery goes as planned, he’ll be able to get back on the bike very carefully afterwards. As expected he presumably won’t get back in action this season.

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