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Lotto Belisol: Winter training for the Lotto Belisol riders

Yesterday the Lotto Belisol riders met for a collective training. While one group went mountain biking in the morning, the others went to Body-World in Putte. After the noon they switched. During the gym session of one and a half hour the focus lay on stabilization exercises, this as prevention for injuries. Physiotherapist and osteopath Tim Aerts elaborates on this. Kenny Dehaes looks back on this day from the point of view of the cyclist.

Tim Aerts, physiotherapist and osteopath: “Besides the fact that it helps riders with possible back trouble stabilization training is important to prevent injuries. With these exercises we want to strengthen the stability and posture muscles of the back, which reduces the chance one gets injuries. On such a training day there is a programme which each rider takes as prevention. The past few weeks the riders were screened by me and my colleagues and we have also set up individual programmes. Such tests show the weak links in the body and on that basis the riders get exercises which they have to execute each day.”

“Every rider has different needs. One rider has for example more need for knee stability and another one for neck stability. That depends on previous injuries, but also on how a rider has developed himself throughout the years. He might have put more stress on his back or on his knees. After a crash a rider often puts more pressure on the good leg, which can cause complaints in the future. In the run-up to the training camp we meet four times for such a winter training and on the training camp stabilization exercises will be done each day, but than for half an hour.”

Kenny Dehaes: “It was a pleasant day, there was a fun atmosphere. Two weeks ago during the training Maxime Monfort and Tony Gallopin were there, now we also had some of the newcomers among us with Sander Armée, Kris Boeckmans and Pim Ligthart. This is going really smoothly. Of course we know each other already from the peloton, definitely the Belgians. It’s nice to come together before the training camp. In the morning I went mountain biking with a group. After lunch it was our turn to do stabilization exercises. In the past I often had knee problems and that was solved well last winter with this kind of exercises.”

“On the 11th of November I started with the build-up to 2014. I fitness three times a week and do power training on the rolls. Next to the weekly meeting in Putte I do endurance training with some sprints two days and once a week I go mountain biking. In December I’ll get a new schedule from the trainer and there will be more endurance training before training camp. At the moment the preparation is going well.”

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