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Magnic Light Revolutionize Bicycle Lighting At RAAM

In June the quartet “German Frauleins” from Hamburg will be the first competitors of the “Race across America” with dynamo powered bike light by using Magnic Light iC, the worlds first touchless dynamo that works on pure aluminum wheels and actually raises more than $160.000 on Kickstarter.


Magnic Light & German Frauleins revolutionize bicycle lighting at Race Across America

For the worlds most famous nonstop long distance bicycle race “RAAM” illumination is required for cycling at night but until now competitors have used battery lights because dynamos cost too much valuable energy. With Magnic Light this changes because it does not touch the wheels and does not cost noteworthy energy.

The German Frauleins try to be the first pure female team from Germany reaching the finish line within the time limit of 9 days from US west- to east coast, which means at least 27km/h average speed for 5000 km with more than 30000 meters elevation.

The hard conditions of the Race across America are perfect to demonstrate the advantages of the Magnic Light technology and its suitability even for racing: no wheel contact and no waste of energy on powering the tiny 60g dynamo lights and no batteries or cumbersome cables again.

The first Magnic Light version was awarded as best bicycle component 2013 by the ISPO Munich and the new Magnic Light iC version for the “RAAM” comes with steady light and intelligent microprocessor controlled energy optimization for varying bicycle speed and has applications that go far beyond bicycle lights (i.e. gear free wind engines exposed to changing wind speed and energy for sensors in cars and transport systems).

You can find a video and more information about Magnic Light on our Kickstarter page and on www.magniclight.com.

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