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Mavic video – Map Lines: 230 miles across Colorado

3 years ago, my friend Luke Miller reached out and said he had this idea for a huge 230-mile ride. Luke and I and another friend, Ben Blaugrund, had made a habit of doing a big ride each year. Ben in particular was the instigator for most of our mega rides, and he and I had done some 190-ish loops in the past. So Luke wanted in on the action and had this great plan.

Anyway, Luke’s trick on this particular route was that we would spend the night in Crested Butte, to make the distance more manageable. He had a ski buddy with a place there. So we pulled it off, and it was awesome.

But that “what if you tried to roll it in one day?” question never really died down, and when Mavic proposed more content production to illustrate the nature of our company and its people, this was my suggestion. And I would live to regret my cheap talk, as they held me to it and we set a date. For the entire spring and early summer of 2013, I lost sleep thinking about it.

The same thing happened roughly 20 years ago. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and the thing back then was to ride from Boise to Stanley, Idaho. About 125 miles, good elevation up into the mountains, etc. I joined a group ride when I was about 18 years old. It was a watershed experience. I’d never gone so far, and so far from home, in my life. But after that, so many things in life seemed easier. This time around, pushing 2x the distance at 2x the years old seemed somehow appropriate.

Fortunately, the day was perfect in every way. Full moon, clear skies, not much wind. We started early (4:30am) and stayed ahead of schedule along the entire route. It was painful. I really nearly fell apart on Kebler pass, and the rest of the ride (another 5 hrs or so) acquired a death-march pallor. But I had a genuine fear of nightfall on Cottonwood Pass, so we kept it moving and rolled home around 7:30pm.

It’s on Strava, here: https://www.strava.com/activities/69604523

you’ll note how little I’ve done since then …

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