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Monza speedway will welcome Team LAMPRE-MERIDA

Team LAMPRE-MERIDA will be welcomed in a charming place for training in view of the team time trial world championship (Florence, 22 September).

Monza speedway, in fact, will host the blue-fuchsia-green team on 18 and 19 September: from 9 am to 1 pm, six cyclists of the team of general manager Saronni will practice on the famous track in order to set the working of the team time trial and to prepare in the best way the TT Warp Merida bikes.
These are the names of the athletes that will pedal on the circuit: Bono, Cimolai, Dodi, Ferrari, Malori e Richeze.

The athletes will be supported by three sport directors (Maini, Piovani e Vicino), one technical assistant (Marzano), one doctor (Pollastri), two mechanics (Romanò and Viganò), two masseurs (Della Torre and Redaelli), one driver (Bozzolo) in addition to the mechanic supervisor from Merida (Tiede).
In the speedway there will be also the team bus, the truck and three cars.

General manager Saronni explained the importance of the opportunity of performing trainings on Monza speedway: “Team time trial requires a perfect team spirit and sinchrony on the straight and in the bends.
Top performance could be reached only at the end of specific trainings.

That’s why the chance to work on the speedway it’s something special for our team, considering how charming that place is and valuating the characteristics of track: on long straights we’ll be able to go in search of the top high speed, while the bends will allow us to face similar conditions to the ones of the world championship course.
We’re willing to realize a good performance, also because the race will take place in Italy, and I’m sure that training in Monza will give us an important help in order to achieve this goal.

I’d like to thank all the managers from Monza National Speedway and the people that supported us in fixing this important appointment.

The team time trial world championship will be raced on a 57,2 km course, from Montecatini Terme to Firenze: in addition to 19 World Tour teams, 32 wild cards were assigned.


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