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Much More Than a Simple Covershoe

Discover all the models in the Sidi Sport collection

The covershoe is an essential accessory for demanding cyclists who pay maximum attention to caring for their feet and their shoes. The foot and the shoe are the fundamental fusion point between the athlete and their bike, between man and performance, a connection necessary in order to pedal more effectively.

This is why you need to take good care of your feet and your shoes. The Sidi Sport collection offers a wide range of covershoes. Materials and designs differ according to the use of each model.

There are winter covershoes that protect the foot, one of the body parts most exposed to the elements and the cold. While for the changing seasons there are covershoes that help protect the foot and shoe from water and keep them warm, especially in the early morning hours. There are even covershoes meant to increase the aerodynamics of the foot and dedicated entirely to performance.
…make your choice!

Discover all the models and details of Sidi Sport covershoes in the attached specs sheet.

The covershoes, along with all the other products from the Sidi Sport collection, are available at the finest cycling shops.

For more information visit our website: www.sidisport.com


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