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NACS Renews Challenge To USA Cycling

NACS Renews Challenge To USA Cycling – To Make Public Its Insurance Policy

With concerns growing from promoters and event directors about the cost of putting on cycling events, North American Cycle Sport renewed its challenge to USA Cycling and other sanctioning bodies in cycling to openly share their liability insurance policies.

Earlier in April, North American Cycle Sport (NACS) posted its liability insurance and medical certificate of coverage online. The two documents (in PDF format) are available for viewing and download:

– NACS liability insurance policy
– NACS medical certificate of coverage

Chief Executive Officer Tod Manning and his fellow principals at NACS said one of the organization’s goals is to reduce costs to promoters who put on grassroots cycling events.

“We are trying to help the entrance of new promoters and riders into the sport by reducing the financial barriers while still providing robust insurance coverage,” he said. “We love the sport of cycling and simply want to make it easier for more promoters to put on events as well as bring more people into the sport.”

Manning called for USA Cycling, OBRA (Oregon Bicycle Racing Association) and NABRA (North American Bicycle Racing Association) to openly share their insurance policies so that promoters, riders, and local associations may compare them and learn the facts for themselves.

“Our decision to share what some might consider proprietary information is in keeping with NACS’s mission to operate and advance grassroots cycling events in a cost-effective and transparent manner,” Manning said. “We offer a robust and inexpensive insurance program.

“We charge riders the exact same price for insurance as we are charged by our carrier: $3.35 per rider for competitive events, and $2.10 per rider for non-competitive events. NACS does not make a profit on its insurance surcharges. Our insurance coverage is as good as – or better than – any other sanctioning body. That is why we are renewing our challenge to these organizations to make their policies public – and without the need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Any unilateral comparison of our insurance by another sanctioning body to their insurance without the full disclosure of their policies will lack impartiality and transparency.”

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