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New 785 HUEZ RS/HUEZ Collection

It is in the legendary setting of Alpe d’Huez, a Mecca of road cycling and just days before the start of one of the most beautiful and demanding cyclosportives in the world, the LOOK Marmotte Alps, that the French brand, LOOK Cycle, made a world debut of its new HUEZ collection.

Introducing the 785 HUEZ RS, an ultralight bike that proves its comfort and efficiency as soon as the road starts to rise, and its little brother, the 785 HUEZ, also comfortable and efficient on all terrains.


The 785 HUEZ RS will be the bike ridden by Team FORTUNEO-VITAL CONCEPT during the mountain stages of the 2017 Tour de France.

Designed, engineered and developed in its own manufactures to climb and conquer the summits, the 785 HUEZ RS integrates the best of the latest in LOOK carbon innovations in its class.

With a very high-modulus carbon frame that weights only 730g, and a 100% carbon fork that weights 280g, it is an ultralight and efficient bike with a sophisticated design engineered to optimize high- intensity, professional-level performances in the mountains and provide unique sensations to its rider.
It is a concentration of pure LOOK technology. Its design and the shape of its tubes have been optimized to obtain the best inertia possible, for every inch of the frame, making the construction of a 5.9 kg bike for the general public possible.

785 HUEZ

The 785 HUEZ is a variation of the 785 D’HUEZ RS from which it directly takes it shape. Made from the same mold, this model benefits from all the optimization research, but is constructed from
a different blend of carbon fibers.

The result is a bike with an exceptional price-to-weight-to-performance ratio. It is the most affordable competition-ready bike in the LOOK lineup that will delight young competitors and passionate cyclists alike, who are looking for an efficient, comfortable and versatile bike.

This variant is a direct derivative of the high-end “RS” version and its origins. The two models share the same geometry and fabrication quality thanks to their identical optimized tubing.

The result is a bike whose characteristics are virtually indistinguishable for a difference of 240g for the frame and 70g for the fork. Thanks to its design focused on the essential, the 785 HUEZ frame only remains under the one-kilo threshold, weighing in at 990g and with a fork that does not exceed 350g.

Light, rigid, stable, and comfortable, the 785 HUEZ is a phenomenally versatile bike. It not only climbs well in mountains, but is also highly effective on the flats, during long distance rides in rolling hills, such as “gran fondos” or great for anything short and fast, like criteriums.

About LOOK Cycle
A French company located in Nevers (Burgundy), LOOK is a major player in the design and manufacturing of exceptional carbon bikes. LOOK Cycle is the inventor, and leader, of clipless pedal technology. Its know-how and technical expertise have been awarded multiple times for its products as well as its constant desire to innovate and excel.


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