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New Cookbook Feed Zone Portables Offers Easy, Delicious Snack Recipes for Athletes

Boulder, CO, USA – May 21, 2013 – When Dr. Allen Lim left the lab to work with professional cyclists, he found athletes weary of processed bars and gels and the same old pasta. So Lim joined professional chef Biju Thomas to make eating delicious and practical. When the menu changed, no one could argue with the race results. Their groundbreaking Feed Zone Cookbook brought the favorite recipes of the pros to everyday athletes.

Now in their new cookbook, Feed Zone Portables, Chef Biju and Dr. Lim offer 75 all-new portable food recipes for cyclists, runners, triathletes, mountain bikers, climbers, hikers, and backpackers. Each real food recipe is simple, delicious during exercise, easy to make-and ready to go on any ride, run, climb, hike, road trip, or sporting event. Feed Zone Portables is now available in bookstores, bike shops, and online. Learn more and try out free sample recipes at www.feedzonecookbook.com.

Feed Zone Portables expands on the most popular features of The Feed Zone Cookbook with more quick and easy recipes for athletes, beautiful full-color photographs of every dish, complete nutrition data, tips on why these are the best foods for athletes, and time-saving ways on how to cook real food every day.

In his introduction to Feed Zone Portables, Dr. Lim makes the case for real food as a more easily digestible, higher-performance source of energy than prepackaged fuel products. He shows how much athletes really need to eat and drink at different exercise intensities and in cold or hot weather. Because the body burns solid and liquid foods differently, Lim defines a new approach for athletes to drink for hydration and eat real food for energy.

With the recipes, ideas, and guidance in Feed Zone Portables, athletes will nourish better performance with real food and learn to prepare their own creations at home or on the go. Feed Zone Portables includes

* 75 all-new recipes that taste great during exercise: Rice Cakes, Two-Bite Pies, Griddle Cakes, Waffles, Baked Eggs, Sticky Bites, Rice Balls, Ride Sandwiches, Baked Cakes, and Cookies
* A smart introduction on how real food works better for athletes
* More than 50 no-fuss gluten-free recipes, including great-tasting cookies and cakes
* More than 50 vegetarian recipes

“A book like this is invaluable. Whether you’re like me or just a casual Sunday cyclist, you’re going to love Feed Zone Portables. You will be rewarding your body with the goodness within these pages. Don’t be surprised if you ride longer and harder than ever before.” – Taylor Phinney, professional cyclist for BMC Racing Team and 2-time Olympian

“My gold medal ride in London was fueled by Biju’s Oatmeal. I told Allen to change the name to Gold Medal Oatmeal. It took a team to win-I left my nutrition to the experts and they left the ride to me.” – Kristin Armstrong, professional cyclist and 2-time Olympic gold medalist, 2-time UCI World Time Trial Champion

“After being introduced to The Feed Zone, I began to realize there was another way to eat that actually nourished me as an athlete. I didn’t have to live off of processed bars, which dehydrated me and upset my stomach.” – Matt Segal, professional rock climber for North Face Athlete Team

“Homemade but simple seems to get me through.” – Tim Don, professional triathlete, ITU World Champion, 3-time Olympian, 5-time British Triathlon national champion

“I travel extensively in many different countries, so I am always in search of a dependable solution to my portable energy food needs. Simple, nutritious ingredients and easy preparation are a winning combination when it comes to keeping yourself healthy on the road.” – Carlo Traversi, professional rock climber and 2-time sport climbing national champion, 5-time USA Climbing National Team member

Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook of On-the-Go Food for Athletes
Biju Thomas and Allen Lim with forewords by Taylor Phinney and Tim Johnson
Hardcover with full-color interior. 6 5/8″ x 8 1/4″, 288 pp., $24.95, 9781937715007

Chef Biju Thomas is a professional chef known for light, simple dishes bursting with bold flavors. He has designed the menus of many successful restaurants in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Chef Biju has cooked for dozens of elite professional cyclists, teaching them the craft of cooking.

Dr. Allen Lim is a sports physiologist and cycling coach. Lim was director of sport science for Garmin and RadioShack cycling teams and is the only American scientist to have worked and cooked for teams at the Tour de France. Lim has worked with dozens of top American cyclists to improve their performance and nutrition.

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