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New Custom Finish for the Portofino Model

Officina Battaglin’s Portofino Premium takes custom CROMOVELATO finishing to a whole new level.

Officina Battaglin​, the brand founded and managed by the 1981 Giro-Vuelta winner Giovanni Battaglin​, has launched a new custom finish for the iconic ​Portofino ​model.

Introduced in 2017,​ the Portofino is the first steel frame in the world with oversized lugs that can fit the oversized Columbus Spirit HSS tubing and the tapered steerer​.

This unusual combination makes for a modern look with the smoothness of classic lugged frames.
Each Portofino is custom-made in the Battaglin workshop in Italy.

And while custom paint options were already available, Officina Battaglin has now introduced a new variant that takes customization to a whole new level: the ​Portofino Premium​.

The Portofino Premium is the Portofino’s most exclusive version​, with a ​cromovelato finish that is fully customizable.

Cromovelato is an Italian finish typical of the bikes from the 80s that creates a translucent color over a chrome-plated steel frame.

It is achieved by polishing the frame to a mirror shine before the chrome-plating process, and then painting the chrome with a colored lacquer.

The final result is a colored mirror-like effect like no other paint.

With the Portofino Premium,​ the owner will be able to personalize the frame with their
favorite cromovelato colors​
, creating a truly one-of-a-kind custom steel bike.

Custom size experience
Each frame is custom-made to the owner’s exact specifications after an individual consultation with Giovanni Battaglin.

The owner can benefit from a legend of cycling’s experience in ensuring that the frame delivers the best ride possible for their style.

Pricing, availability and special launch offer
The price for a Portofino Premium is € 3200, and it’s only available through Officina Battaglin.
The first owners will benefit from a ​limited-time launch offer​.

Until ​August 31st​, together with the Portofino Premium, they will receive a replica of the
polka dot jersey hand-signed by Giovanni Battaglin himself.

The jersey marks the 40th anniversary of Giovanni Battaglin’s victory of the King of the Mountains title at the 1979 Tour de France.

To learn more about the Portofino Premium and the special launch offer, visit

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