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New features, new hardware supported: Kinomap updates its flagship app, Kinomap Trainer

All about user experience: Kinomap is launching a major update of its cycling app during Interbike 2017 with many new features and integrating new protocols and home trainers. From Strava deeper integration to Interval training, let’s have a look at this year bunch of new stuff.

1/ Video Train on Segments
Following last year’s collaboration with Strava via Veloviewer, a total database match has been done between Strava segments and Kinomap videos. The result is a highly-qualified set of video chunks corresponding exactly to the famous Strava segments. The benefit for the end user are:
– the ability to search a segment by name or ID, by climb category.
– the ability to compare oneself to real outdoor performances on the same road
– Example with this Hors Category climb, Le Col du Galibier video: which is exactly
Segment 5211636 on Strava. And of course, the definition of a segment is choosing an interesting piece of road so it emphasizes the nicest part of the full videos (you can get rid of descents for example).

2/ Core interval training
What if in the same app, you’d be able to do a little bit of warm up using one of the 30 preloaded workout programs. Nothing fancy here but an efficient, straight to the point interval training, based on 2 modes: target power (aka « Erg mode ») and resistance level. Everything gets synced on Kinomap.com, Strava, RunKeeper, Training Peaks and others.

3/ New compatible home-trainers
The main addition this year is the Fitness Machine Bluetooth Smart protocol. Released in February, FTMS is the standard the industry was looking for. Elite Srl and Tacx bv already worked these last months with Kinomap to provide new models and upgrade some of last year’s models.
Other trainers also became compatible with Kinomap this year:
– Kinetic Smart control units
– Minoura Kagura trainer
– DKCity D2R Smart Cycle trainer
– JetBlack WhisperDrive (coming in October)
– Bkool Smart Pro 2 and the new announced direct drive Smart Air (coming in

The Climb from Wahoo Fitness, this front wheel accessory allowing the cyclist to feel the actual change of grade is also compatible with Kinomap at launch.
Tip: a new tool on Kinomap’s website allows you to check the compatibility of any fitness and indoor cycling equipment. kinomap.com/equipment-configurator.

4/ Other features you want to try:
– Video makers have now the keys to promote their content: a user page with all their videos and statistics has been introduced, they can add creative design to their playlists, they can generate URL that will open their user page or a specific playlist from their social network, etc,
– Long-time expected “resume a workout” is now possible,
– Improved map search for a specific video,
– Now see your progress in a playlist
Targeting professionals, a new contest mode is also provided to bike stores: an easy-to- setup solution to demo the app and create challenges to promote home-trainers.
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About Kinomap
Kinomap.com is the world’s first video-sharing platform to offer synchronized video/map playback. Uploads have reached 104 510 Km in August 2017. It provides apps enabling users to view and train on a pre-recorded, geolocated outdoor route, view progress on an accompanying map, measure their own performance and compare said performance with other athletes.

Please visit https://www.kinomap.com/ and kinomap.com/apps for more information.

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